PURPOSE. What is your purpose?

Madison lives in Scottsdale Arizona and is a Life Coach. She specializes in working with young women helping them find purpose and getting in touch with their feelings of Self Worth. Learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/MadHealing?fref=ts

Finding our true purpose in life will allow our hearts and souls to sing from the rooftops. This purpose inspires us, it calms us, and it aligns our being with the feeling of pure passion. We try and ignore our purpose, but it haunts us as the lion does to its pray. It is innate, and part of our genetic makeup to follow what we are called here to do in this life.

Try, I tell you try to ignore what your heart is calling you to do. You may cover it up with titles of illusion, fiction and impossibility, but yet it is still there. The day we chose love over fear. It’s the day we are re-born, beginning the journey on the path to becoming our highest potential as a human being. We no longer chose to live in the shadow of the world but in the light that illuminates it.


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