Meet Greg Bennick, Wf1’s Strategic Consultant

I have been involved in women’s issues and human rights since a very young age. I was introduced as a teen in a cultural anthropology workshop to the concept that there is an inherent power in women that is undeniable and extremely powerful. I have been driven in all of my relationships by that core concept. During my time as a singer for the Seattle hardcore band Trial, I wrote and performed worldwide, the song “Scars” which is about and dedicated to female and male victim/survivors of sexual abuse, rape, incest, and molestation. I trained as a crisis-line advocate with the now defunct Seattle Rape Relief organization and I used those skills to counsel sexual assault survivors worldwide at Trial shows. I make my living as a professional keynote speaker, coaching individuals as well in effective speaking, and tours the world speaking about passion. I am also the Executive Director of One Hundred For Haiti, a nonprofit doing development work in Haiti.

Greg Bennick

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Women’s advocate and bestselling author of Your Messy Brilliance.

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