Moments of love

I look within me with the silence of a lovers whisper

I float on the wind as light as a feather spreading petals of love

Reaching out to embrace the full flesh of life and dance within its romance

Filled with love

Pouring out in golden shades of delight

Like rays of the sun I stretch and glide through all the wonders of life

Aha but then

Moments of Anger

I bounce full to the throne blowing sparks of anger

Heavy and unforgiving, tired for life was dark

Mighty I stand looking down

Drain of love and sweet whispers

Light a dream so far, peace a distant whisper

Pain and sorrow a welcome pillow as I lay my head upon the coldness of sadness

Stretching, breathing then

Finally moments of silence

Engulf as in the full embrace of a lover

But for peace, love spreading its light

And there was a moment

Moments so tranquil and yet so beautiful

And yet there was a moment

In his book, Conversations With God, author Neale Donald Walsch wrote, “There have been moments in my life when I have entertained unkind thoughts. I have also said things in my life that I do not feel proud of. And I can remember times when I have acted in ways that contradicted my best intentions. I suppose each and every one of us can remember at least one time in our lives when our thoughts, words, and actions were not in alignment with our Highest Self, instances when we functioned from a place of fear and not from a place of love, moments when we knew at a very deep and certain level that we had stepped off the path of clarity.”

We have all had those moments in our lives; moments where we have entertained terrible thoughts and wished dreadful things about people we love. We have each experienced moments of lying, cheating and being the so-called evil stepsister or friend. We have each had moments where we try to do something we felt was right trying to help someone when it backfires. We act selfishly and it goes horribly wrong. Sometimes to get something we want, we act out of fear. I had and still have plenty of those moments.

Melissa, a good friend of mine, explains self simply and beautifully. She draws a circle with a ripple effect. The center is the highest self-level of being, and the larger end of the ripple is the lowest self-level. She explained that we all find ourselves moving within the highest and the lowest level of being. Sometimes we are aware and other times unaware. The decisions we make, how we listen to people, and how we perceive things reflect the level of being we are in at that particular time. Some of us never get to the lowest or highest self-level but hang in between. Others move to the highest level experiencing the wonders and freedom of life. These individuals have compassion and understand the real meaning of living selflessly. When we move to the lowest self-level we allow fear to make our decisions. At this level we act without love or compassion allowing anger, need and hate to rule us.

I have been in both places many times. Some of my most dreadful, nasty moments have been here. I have learned from these moments. These moments have opened the door for me to step towards clarity. I have also sunk lower behaving in ways that do not make me proud. All these moments have made me who I am. These moments have allowed me to realize that I should not judge.

We have to accept and understand that we are at a level where those decisions felt right. Life, the I AM, the experience we each want to have. Nothing is by mistake. Nothing just happens. Everything happens for a reason. One moment leads to another moment. Being conscious and striving for clarity matters most. Our emotions create feelings of fear and love. Fear reduces our capabilities; it limits us. Fear holds us back, but love allows us to fly freely.

Our thoughts create possibilities that also create emotions of love. Love brings unlimited experience and clarity. Live your life in love and gratitude. Love leads to abundance, freedom and limitlessness. Being conscious and living in the moment reminds us we have stepped off the path of clarity. We need to look at ourselves. Find the I AM space; feel the calmness, take a deep conscious breath, allowing your mind the freedom to be.

It is natural to step off the path and make mistakes. It is part of being human and how we learn to be better. We were meant to have moments of struggle. Embrace your thoughts but be conscious of love. You cannot go wrong with love no matter where you find yourself. Remember, we are all learning!



Rahinatu Adamu

About the Author | Rahinatu Adamu

Rahina is a dreamer and a lover of life, and she is still trying to find her way in this amazing journey of life. She loves to read and write. She is married and a mum of two adorable boys. She lives in Abuja, Nigeria, and has spent over 13 years of her life working with the most vulnerable in her community.

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