My Emotional Journey – My Answer To Everything

I watched it, like everyone else, in awe with this new found discovery. The Secret made its rounds, around the world and straight to my TV screen, causing me more anguish than triumph. Crazy thing about it was, looking back, my life was good, but it didn’t matter because I lived in inner turmoil. My thoughts were constantly conflicted, causing me outer drama. Then here comes Rhonda Burns with the law of attraction.

I sat back, remembering how many times I manifested havoc. How I felt about what was going on in my life was bigger than what was actually going on. We all do this, whether we realize it or not. We make mountains out of molehills; become drama queens.

So, I began learning how thoughts become things. I went months trying to control my thinking. I thought thinking positive was going to be easy. I found out it was a fight; my negative mind was the bully that won every time.

Don’t get me wrong I manifested things here and there but I still felt empty, dark, lost and unfulfilled.

I read book after book trying to figure out why having things meant nothing to me. Happiness was fleeting. I felt myself being called to something greater but my mind would remind me I was not good enough and they had the wrong number.

Time stood still for a long time – like I was moving, but nothing around me was. I kept digging for more answers till I felt like giving up. But then I meet someone who gave me my second wind, and I began taking personal development seriously.

I created a regimen that combined a spiritual, self-help and personal development. Internally, I skyrocketed! After 90 days I felt a feeling I never felt before, or ever thought I’d feel. Most importantly, I learned and I connected some dots:

• Mind: An untrained, unmastered mind will convince you that things will have to change before you can be happy or at peace. I mentioned my life was good, but at the time I couldn’t see it because our minds are fixed on a future promise. But the present is where everything is.

• Energy: We are spiritual beings, and spirit materialized is energy. Just replace the “law of attraction” with “karma”: karma is ENERGY brought back to you, materialized in negative or positive circumstances. Karma is not about what you do, it is the emotions you put out and emotions are just energy in motion. Thought don’t become things; thoughts just produce emotions, emotions are energy in motion, and like energy attracts like energy.

• Pain: It interferes with everything. Pain is collected negative emotions. You’ve probably heard Eckhart Tolle talking about the “pain body”. Well, collective pain left untreated can disrupt your spirit, energy, and thoughts. This why I could never think positively! I had too many unhealed negative emotions clouding my thing and my “pain body” would use the negative energy to fight to stay alive.

Well my three answers will kill all that:

1) Healing is the gateway to peace. Healing is yummy and so soothing! Healing is like pushing the reset button on life. Healing is clearing out all that negative buildup. I’ve learned once you get the gunk out, peace is the prize. Peace is our natural state of being, but you can’t feel peace with heavy thoughts and feelings. We all carry loads of trauma and don’t even realize it. I mean, since birth you’ve been carrying emotional traumas that must be let go of.

2) Passion cures all woes. Engaging in my passion is what brings me happiness. Passion feeds your spirit! Passion gives you life and energy you didn’t even know you have! Passion is what was missing in my life. I learned that most people who just exist work a “job”; the people who truly live make their passion a priority.

3) Look to purpose for fulfillment and meaning. Through this process of my search I found that I not only loved finding answers to life’s deepest question, I loved to share what I learned. When I began to share what I learned, I felt “found” and fulfilled. Fulfillment was the biggest thing lacking in my life – in our lives. Nothing will sustain your reason for being here more than purpose.


Here are a few tips on how to let go:

• Practice EFT –

• Practice Forgiveness – Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Who have you not forgiven? Sometimes, if it gets too hard for me to forgive – I just forgive internally to receive the peace I deserve.

• Practice Self Love- You have to love yourself more than you may want. Don’t hold onto anything that does not serve you; mentally, spiritually or physically.


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