Never Give Up


Sharing my personal story with you means so much to me. I started looking into eating healthy and alternative medicine when I knew I was going to have children. I wanted to give them a better chance at being healthy through all natural means. I grew up as a child that caught every illness that came my way. Building up my immune system to prepare for pregnancy was where my journey began. I have used natural remedies and good nutrition for me and my family ever since.

As my kids became older, our lives took a turn for the worse. Living with a verbally abusive husband wasn’t working for us at all! We needed to be happy, feel our self worth and never be told we were worthless. I knew I had to make a change before there was irreparable damage done to my kids. I tried to make a clean break and do things the “right way”, but just when things were bad they got even worse. Long story short, I ended up having to call 911 and file charges of aggravated assault against my husband.

I struggled to make house payments, keep a roof over our heads and food on the table while we tried to sell our property. I had to sell all of our furniture and many of our belongings to make ends meet. I knew I could never give up and that I was going to show my kids that we were all survivors. Materialistic things didn’t mean anything to us. We knew we would be much happier and love our lives. My kids were very supportive of me!

Being a single mom hasn’t been easy. I work 3 different jobs to make ends meet. My goal is to cut back to 2 jobs, one being my passion – Ultimate Herbal Solutions business. I am very passionate about teaching people the knowledge I have inside of me. I know that my knowledge will make a difference in others lives. I will be able to reach this goal by the end of this year. I know I can do it! I have the drive and passion. I am far from perfect, but will never give up. Never be afraid to make a choice to take yourself out of being in a bad situation. Never give up the fight to make a better life for you and your kids. Keep focused by knowing that what you do and say will impact the lives of your kids and will make all of you stronger as you take on new challenges and create a new life for yourself.

Remember, your kids will follow in your footsteps. They will grow up the way you show them. Put your best foot forward and show them you have the drive.

I truly believe that by sharing my story, my experience will empower others to choose a better life for themselves.

– Sharon Madsen


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