November 2011 Highlight: Soulumination

Dear Wf1 Community,

Below is a repost of a blog I wrote two years ago about Soulumination. My hope is that it informs and inspires you to check out this great organization. Soulumination is currently running a fundraiser where you can donate as little at $6 to support their mission. Please join my team and give what you can at 

Soulumination, founded by Lynette Huffman Johnson, is one of the most authentic, impactful non-profit organizations I have ever encountered. Not because it is a large organization, but because it is unique in its mission and service. I have worked with literally hundreds of non-profits locally, nationally and internationally in my twenty years of consulting in non-profit foundations and organizations, and it is rare when you encounter a founder that is soley focused on the population it serves.

For the past six years, my experience with Soul has been nothing but pure heart and soul, focusing on the “Soul” families and their needs. Lynette is not interested in growing her organization to a huge scale, or any recognition. Her mission and vision is egoless and driven from a pure desire to come from the heart and support grieving families throughout the Puget Sound region and beyond.

Soulumination celebrates the lives of children and parents facing life-threatening conditions by providing professional photographs, free of charge, of these special individuals and their families. The life-affirming photographs of Soulumination are an enduring, positive record of the child’s brief life, and provide a loving legacy for the children of parents lost to terminal illness. Soulumination was founded by Lynette 6 years ago, and has served over 660 families. Soul has over 35 volunteer photographers on board that have done 734 shoots to present day. Additionally, “Soul” has over 100 community volunteers who help us further the mission. I am truly honored to be part of her graceful movement of love and support.

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