On the Verge: Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine

“Living on the verge is not about doing more, but about being more. It isn’t about achieving more; it’s about experiencing more. It’s not about being someone different, as there’s no ‘better version of you’ on the horizon. Everything you’re searching for is available to you in this moment. Everything you need is right here on the verge.”

In her first book, On the Verge: Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine, yoga teacher, mental strength coach, and author Cara Bradley explains what it means to be on the verge and meet our potential to shine in all aspects of our lives.

“When you show up in this moment—when you are 100 percent engaged right here and right now—you arrive in a space where you are fully aware,” writes Cara. “In this space, beyond your busy mind, you glimpse your naturally occurring state of being awake and fully alive. In this natural state your mind is clear, your body bright, and your heart open.” 

On the Verge emerged from Cara’s 35 years of teaching fitness and yoga, and her lifelong dedication to coaching thousands of individuals to experience life fully—so they can go through this process over and over again. With the help of what she calls “Verge Practices” and “Verge Strategies,” Cara shows readers how they can have more energy, enthusiasm, clarity, and confidence on a daily basis by learning to shift beyond their busy mindsets. Her toolbox of techniques includes exercises on meeting your mind, trusting your intelligence, welcoming peace, doing gut checks, leaning into ripe opportunities, and more. Readers will learn that they, too, can experience genuine awakeness and aliveness, which naturally occur on the verge.

On the Verge is a compelling book of wisdom and practicality that supports all of us on this journey of life. Cara Bradley reveals teachings that empower us to address our roadblocks and embrace life with a real and grounded approach.” — Kelly McNelis, founder of Women For One

“If you are ready to make changes to your relationship with yourself, this book will be a steady guide for the hard work ahead. This isn’t about making you into something you’re not. It’s about showing up and fully experiencing what and who you already are.”
— Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH), author of A Mindful Nation

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About the Author | Cara Bradley

Cara Bradley, founder of Verge Yoga in the Philadelphia area, is a passionate teacher of 30 years sharing her curiosity and enthusiasm for experiencing life fully. She is also the founder of Mindfulness Through Movement, a non-profit offering programs to schools in urban Philadelphia. Her book, “On The Verge: Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine” (New World Library) will be available in 2016.

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