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Wf1: Tell our Wf1 community about your background, and how you became the first licensed astrologer in the State of Georgia.

Maxine: I was born in New York and moved to Miami when I was 15. I graduated from the University of Florida, and taught French at a local high school for two years. Then this guy I was crazy about told me to move to Atlanta. I did, and that was 66 years ago! My life was transformed as soon as I moved here, because that’s when I discovered astrology and got it legalized here in the middle of the Bible belt.


Wf1: How were you able to accomplish that?

Maxine: Back then, astrology was considered the work of the devil. People were afraid of gypsy astrologers who were ripping people off. So at that time, you could only get a $1500 fortune telling license. But getting astrology licensed wasn’t something that I did on my own. I was only the vehicle, and what an honor! I remember driving home from the county commissioner’s office, and I was out of my body! They had actually rescinded the law so that it was no longer a $1500 fortune telling license, it was a $100 astrology license. I knew my life was never going to be the same again.

And I was also very frightened, because I knew my responsibility to my clients. I was the new kid on the block who was studying with much older women, who had forgotten more than I ever knew. I was afraid because I was the one getting all of the publicity, because they were hiding out. And I thought no, no, no, we have to step out. It is time. It is time to give astrology some dignity and separate it legally. I went on to introduce a bill to the Georgia General Assembly, and Atlanta became the first city in the country to license astrology.

Now with the internet, you don’t even need a license. So now Georgia’s first licensed astrologer is practicing without a license!


Wf1: In addition to being an astrologer, you are also an energy healer and a spiritual coach as well as a teacher, speaker and author. Explain what you provide for your clients. 

Maxine: My goal is to help people uncover spiritual truths and apply that to their lives. I have my clients make a list of what they want to create for themselves in their lives. I teach them to let it go to the universe, and I explain how to “move into the magic.” What that means is when you do let your list go, whatever you want to create for yourself is on its way to you. Basically, if you can imagine it, it is on the way to you.


Wf1: That is the title of your book “Move Into the Magic”. Can you describe your writing?

Maxine: My book is really in 2 parts. The first is to help people de-program themselves because we all have cell memories: we have cultural cell memory, childhood cell memory. Moms do the best job that we can. Additionally, our mother carried us for 9 months so we think like our mothers. We are her and OF HER.  Dad helped too, but we are our mothers’ cells.

Most people are not ready for my book. But many are. And their lives are transformed. My book helps people to see the commitments they made as children, teaches them how to get rid of those commitments, and gives them the chance to rewrite them. It takes great courage to do that.

Part two of “Move into the Magic” shows people how to determine their life’s mission. That is what I love to do. If I had all the money in the world, I would go around and help everyone get their life’s mission. Everyone has their story, and everyone has their mission. They are two separate parts of your life.

Once you know your mission, the people around you are going to try to pull you into your story, because you have put everything in proper perspective now. What you receive is joy from the person who is receptive to what you have to offer, when you make a suggestion on what they can do to be happier.


Wf1: If you had to summarize where you are in your life today, what would you say?

Maxine: We have to listen to our hearts. We can listen, but our left brain argues. Now that I know I am here to serve, it’s not about fame. I was CNN’s on-air astrologer, I had all this fame, and I actively pursued that because of where I was coming from at the time. You do what you have to in order to get by. And that’s who I was, “Georgia’s first licensed astrologer” and I still use that to this day. But I do so much more than that. And the fame isn’t where it’s at for me anymore. It hasn’t been for a long time. It’s about what I can do to serve other people.


Wf1: Describe to our community how we can step into our own authenticity.

Maxine: My mantra is this: There’s nothing wrong with you, deal with it. Or more positively: You are fabulous, deal with it. We are God in an earthbound body. We are immortal spirit, we are love, we are heart, we are caring, and we are wealth and beauty. Just love yourself, and know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you and there is everything right with you.

Every person is a miracle where I am at. Every time you listen to someone, you are listening to yourself. Anyone you speak with is showing you you. Your love, your care, whatever it is… I am showing you yourself. The way to fulfill yourself is to be the most authentic you that you know how to be.


Wf1: Your answer is beautiful. Thank you, Maxine!


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