Polishing the Mirror How to Live From Your Spiritual Heart



For spiritual teacher Ram Dass, it is our day-to-day practice and reflection that leads us to integrate true love and deep realizations into our lives. In Polishing the Mirror, Ram Dass offers his most essential practical advice for experiencing love. His humor, wisdom, and instruction on subjects such as opening our hearts, living, aging and dying, finding humility, being of service, and working through fear and suffering will be a guide for all of us into discovering who we are and why we are here. In following this path we can begin, as the title of the book suggests, to reflect our true nature for the world around us. For more information and to purchase this book, click HERE.



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About the Author | Ram Dass

Ram Dass, one of America’s most beloved spiritual figures, has taught the path of the heart and promoted service in the areas of social consciousness and care for the dying. He became a pivotal influence with the publication of “Be Here Now,” and recently released a new book with co-author Rameshwar Das titled, “Polishing the Mirror: How to Live From Your Spiritual Heart.” He has been a guiding light for four generations, carrying millions along the journey, helping to free them from their bonds as he works his way through his own.

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