You Are Your Own Power Source

I’ve been teaching woman how to activate their big dreams since 2009—and I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve read hundreds of women’s goals and action plans each year.

I’ve also had a front-row seat to the beliefs that empower women and the ones that tear them down in pursuit of their dreams.

Want to know a tricky one that gets in the way of even the most capable women??

Thought so…Drum roll, please…

Handing personal power + ownership of your life’s choices.

“Someone ELSE is the authority on my life—a guru, my partner, a popular regime, beauty magazines, my family of origin, mama or wife role expectations, my boss, my ex, my mother, or society’s definition of right or successful. If (and only if) I follow their rules, I’ll be rewarded with love, abs, money, recognition, acceptance…”

I understand the desire. I really do.

If a perfect plan exists that guarantees my success and happiness (in business, parenting, relationships, or adventuring), I would move heaven and earth to execute that plan.


There are no magical answers or hard and fast rules that guarantee success.


You’re giving away your power when you keep waiting for the path to be illuminated from above.

You’re dooming yourself to failure when you keep looking for the way forward to be labeled steps 1 through 10 or for the breakthrough to be found in the very next book you read or for the certainty to be bestowed upon you by an expert.

You were never taught how to trust yourself and your desires, to claim your own truth—so wanting someone wiser, with more experience, with the magical gift of future insight, to GIVE you the answer makes total sense.

And when you are bogged down in your own beginner’s mind or negativity or overwhelm, having someone tell you exactly what to do sounds so comforting.

Are they still the one after all these years? Or is it naive to think I deserve more?

Should I risk speaking up? Is it worth it to rock the boat?

Do I want kids? Will it be too late if I put it off for a few more years?

Can my family survive if I quit my job? Am I talented enough to make a go of it on my own?

What should I do to radically grow my biz? What’s the one thing that will make the difference?

But, honey? When you seek outside answers and strict rules and all-or-nothing guidelines, you’re passing authority to someone who’s not an expert on your life!

Let me say this again: There are no magical answers from outside. Giving away ownership of your life and your choices is pointless because…

YOU have the answers.

You can have faith in your desires, and you can believe your warning signs, and you can source incredibly clear signals from within.

You are your own power source.

There are self-discovered answers to personal experiments. There is truth simply found when you get silent and receive. There are plans and wisdom and personal blueprints that come to you through an open heart, body wisdom, trust in your gifts, or a willingness to get comfortable with uncertainty. There is certainty in your own intuition.

And of course, you can gather resources, research beloved methods, learn cutting-edge techniques, and seek guidance from mentors.

But then, YOU MUST run it all through your lens, your season of life, your personal values.

You get to decide what is best for you and your life, whether that’s a wellness plan, new business, or marriage boundaries.

Your life. Your choices. Your truth. Your answers.

Reclaim your power and let go of the belief that someone else knows what is best for YOU.

You are already whole. You are the source of your own authority. You can claim ownership of your life—one declaration of truth at a time.

Scary? Yes.

Powerful? Hell. Yes.



P.S. Need some support as you wean yourself off external expectations, reclaim your own power, and declare your truth? You got it, love. That’s EXACTLY what we do in Reclamation, my 10-month Sovereignty School for women.

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About the Author | Molly Mahar

Molly Mahar is the founder of Stratejoy, an online community for women reclaiming joy and meaning in their world. She’s an entrepreneur, a mama, a feminist, and an adventurer obsessed with taboo topics, designing personal experiments, and the power of sisterhood. You can access her library of free resources aka The Good Stuff, connect with her via Instagram, or join her for Reclamation: The Sovereignty School for Women.

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