Purposely and Perfectly Broken

Sometimes the most difficult situations, if we allow ourselves to maintain a learning, Spirit can open our eyes. It will reveal answers that you never knew you were in search of, but deep down, that inner need to know “why” toeverything was really because you were in search of the one true answer, to that one question that has always burned within.

That why began far before you were even born. In the midst of formation, swimming in amniotic fluid, there was where your answer began. Yes, began.

You were born with a purpose so grand that the enemy felt he’d only be successful in destroying you by beginning to plant the seed while you were yet a growing seed yourself, before you could take your first breath.

This life is far more than what our natural eye can see. It always goes deeper than the surface. More than our own life, but also those whose lives we were purposed to change somehow, some way – whether small or huge.

When what you’ve asked your whole life is, “Why?” (you personally know what your why is, or maybe not, but I can assure you, your why is not the same as anyone else’s. When you finally get your answer, everything will make sense. Even the most horrible of things will all fit perfectly like a 5,000-piece puzzle: intricate, difficult, and detailed. Then and only then will you truly be able to come to acceptance of all.


What has been said hundreds of times, for years. What was done. All the wrongs wronged against you – all the ones who took their turn. All the choices you’ve made because of that why. You will come to accept, because for once, you finally understand why. The raging waters inside can finally come to peace.

Once you understand why and accept it, then you can truly forgive. Forgive them and forgive yourself. Then, with eyes open to a new horizon, you can finally move forward like you always wished you could!

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