Rewrite the Story of Your Life

Chris Cade‘s Conscious Chronicling Program is a simple step-by-step process where you simultaneously learn how to write short stories and also influence your subconscious mind with creativity, happiness, joy, and abundance. Unlike many writing or personal development programs, Chris created this teaching to be as concise and streamlined as possible (without sacrificing effectiveness).

This system has been used by many people for a variety of purposes:

  • Some people believe they are terrible writers and desperately wish they could get even a few ideas scribbled down on paper…
  • Others want to change their unconscious thoughts and feelings and create more abundance, improve their relationships, or even remove physical and emotional pain…
  • Writers have discovered “golden nuggets” to getting their creative juices flowing again…
  • And entrepreneurs have applied this process to novel writing, informational articles, and even children’s books.

And to be clear, none of that is what this program “does.” Simply put, the Conscious Chronicling program teaches you the core basics of story writing and shows you how to apply this process every facet of your life. How you apply what you learn will be unique to your particular situation in life. That’s why it’s your story to write as you choose.

To learn more about the backbone of this system, the Conscious Chronicling Guidebook, click here.

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About the Author | Chris Cade

Chris Cade calls himself a “voracious seeker of the truth.” His enthusiasm for spiritual growth led him to leave a six-figure income job to become a leader in transformational consciousness. His background in software testing, combined with his spirituality, led Chris to realize that the meaning in life is found not in words or symbols, but in the story behind the symbols.

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