Soul to Soul Parenting


My number one job in life is being a parent. I want to be the most spiritually conscious person and parent that I know how to be. But where are the tools to get me there? Soul to Soul Parenting, by Annie Burnside, is by far, the most effective parenting book I have read in 18 years of paging through thousands of books to learn how to be a more conscious parent. Annie calls herself a Soul Nurturer. Her love for herself, her children and the world shines throughout this book like no other parenting book I have ever read. She presents spiritually practical themes with suggestions of activities that all families can utilize. I re-read this book constantly to find more gems of wisdom and knowledge for myself and my family. Thank you Annie for your love and light!


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About the Author | Annie Burnside

Annie is an internationally acclaimed author. Her book, “Soul to Soul Parenting,” is about creating the most spiritually aware and conscious family that each of us know how to do. Annie possesses a unique talent to transfer esoteric and spiritually sound principles into an everyday, applicable language relevant to our everyday lives.

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