Surviving Two Hurricanes

I have been practicing Laws of Attraction for about four years, and throughout, my journey I always thought I was doing pretty well when it came to figuring life out. Well, at least my life. I thought I knew what I was doing and where I was going. I was stable with work and family, and I had everything all planned out.

But as it turns out, life is unpredictable. On September 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma tore through our house while my family and I were in it. We hid in the bathroom with the rest of our family and friends for hours while the hurricane destroyed our home and all our belongings. By some incredible miracle, the storm spared the bathroom we were all hiding in and one of the bedrooms for us to sleep in that night. As all eight of us hid in that bathroom praying that the roof would stay intact because we had nowhere else to go, all I could do was pray for the lives gathered together. Especially my two daughters. The feeling of helplessness as a parent when you have no idea how to protect your children is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

After the hours passed and the storm subsided, we emerged from the bathroom, grateful we had survived but in shock when we saw the damage left behind. The flow of thoughts at this moment was overwhelming. There was no more planning ahead. There was only planning the next step. Where were we going to sleep until daylight, what would we do the next day and the next day, and so forth? But by using our innate survival skills, we figured it out, and little by little the solutions were working. Until Hurricane Maria came two weeks later and we were back to square one.

That’s when we decided enough is enough, and we moved our family to Miami. It was a forced move, and a difficult one. My daughters cried their eyes out when we broke the news of them having to leave their home, friends, and family behind. But we did it. We pulled together as a family and made it happen.

And this is where I am so incredibly proud of us. I am proud of my husband for being our guide and protector and making the move as bearable and positive as possible. I am proud of my daughters for being strong and really giving the move a fair shot. And I am proud of me for somehow pulling it together and surviving the whole ordeal, not only physically, but emotionally. I went through a lot of emotional challenges in the whole process, and somehow, I got myself out of some deep holes and pulled it together for the sake of my family.

Now we are living this new life under positive acceptance. We are trying our best to enjoy it. I am back to practicing Laws of Attraction and spreading what I learn to others through various means. And I have learned that while it is OK to have life planned out, it’s equally important to leave room for change because nothing is ever certain in life. We are grateful to be alive. I try my best to live by my new motto: “Somehow, we survived—and I can’t let it be for nothing.”

About the Author | Sophia Rosario-Lopez

Sophia Rosario-Lopez is a project manager in the corporate world, and an aspiring writer. She has worked through various venues to publish a few written features. She also practices Laws of Attraction and is working towards being a life coach. She draws her inspiration from her many life experiences and the ways she overcame each hurdle using Laws of Attraction.

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