Tethered: A Healer’s Ultimate Test

“As I take a breath, letting his words sink into my soul, Jim exhales his last, and dies right in our front hallway.”

An energy healer for eight years, Peg Rodrigues has just received her biggest test yet: helping save her husband’s life. In this soul-baring spiritual memoir, she shares an intimate account of how she used energy healing techniques, faith in the universe, Western medicine, and prayer to heal her husband.

Tethered: A Healer’s Ultimate Test takes a deep dive into Peg’s work as a healer, giving us an intimate look at what it truly means to surrender one’s agenda and allow the Divine to come through you. Peg’s journey allows her to dig deep and rise to new challenges by pushing aside a fear that we all possess, and harnessing inner strength and grace to help save her husband.

In Tethered, Peg is confronted with the big life questions everyone has:
Why are we here?
What is our destiny?
How do we surrender to the unpredictable nature of life?
How do we find fruitful meaning and purpose in the midst of tragedy?

Tethered is a refreshingly honest, real account of what it means to be an energy healer. Peg explores what “karma” truly means, and confronts her biggest fear: Did she commit “energy healer malpractice” by interfering with her husband’s Divine plan? In searching for an answer, she reveals the sacred contract between her and her husband, and how acting out the rules of these contracts can take a toll on our own health and well-being without our even realizing it.

What Peg reveals over and over in Tethered is that love truly conquers all. She teaches us that even when the mechanisms of healing remain a mystery, we can receive the blessings and messages from the universe that show us we are not alone…and that love makes all things possible.

Tethered is especially unique in that Peg offers a practical, non-prescriptive roadmap for pulling yourself out of the fear and coming back to love—by offering a vulnerable account of her own insecurities and doubts, as well as aspects of the journey that don’t often make it into mainstream books about healing.

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About the Author | Peg Rodrigues

Peg Rodrigues is an energy intuitive, author, wife, and mom to four children. Born in Seattle, Washington, she studied at the Northwest School of Healing for four years. Peg was trained as a Reiki Master, which she combines with Earth Energy chelations. She currently offers distance healing sessions to clients all over the world from her home in Massachusetts.

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