That Night!


At midnight she woke up, looked at the alarm near her bed and sighed… Of course it is still too early for him to come back, she thought, all I need is to continue sleeping till he arrives. But it seemed to be impossible. She picked up the book she was reading before she fell asleep. She opened it and started reading, but holding the book in her hand, she began thinking to herself. He is enjoying his time drinking and dancing with other women at the party as usual, but soon, he will come back to my arms!

Trying to keep herself occupied, she opened the book to page 45 where she had stopped. But I need him; why could he not come home earlier?! I asked him many times to come home early. I cannot stop him from going out, but I also cannot be with him and witness how he touches or dances with others. It’s too much to remember how he even kissed a girl once when he was out of his mind from too much to drink!

She decided not to go out with him anymore. I remember the night when he left me in the car, to walk one of our friends to her flat because it was too late to let her walk alone. How long it could it possibly take him to come back to the car? Long enough! And I was alone in the car on a dark street. Oh God, I have to stop thinking. I must continue reading.

On hearing a car noise, she couldn’t help but wonder if it was him. Is he back? She held her breath and waited until she realized that it wasn’t his car or he would be in the flat by now. She returned to her book on page 45. Since she decided to be veiled and to stop drinking, she isn’t allowed to go out in the places he frequents. So it is my choice. Let me get back to my reading.

But the moment she turned the page she heard the keys in the door and his footsteps on the way to the bedroom. She let the book fall and covered her head as if she was asleep. I don’t want to show him I’m waiting. He got in bed, put an arm around her … but she felt offended and did nothing in return. I can’t take this anymore. She loves him and was worried about him. And now he is back. But if he loved her the same way, he wouldn’t be out until six o’clock in the morning with her worries.

She took off her wedding ring and thought to herself, “This is not my love or the life I deserve…and I’ll be waiting for my true love who I’m sure will come someday.”


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