The Feeling of Gratitude

June 17, 1984 was the date that I breathed in to this life. I was the fourth child born into this family, and little did my parents know that I would be a miracle child.

Rushed through the hospital doors at just two weeks old, I endured my first open heart surgery. Only two weeks old. No one can ever prepare a mother having to admit her newborn baby for an open heart surgery. A life-threatening heart defect needed immediate care; otherwise I would not survive.

How can a mother bear such agony and pain? It didn’t stop there.

At three years old, I was admitted again to the hospital for another open heart surgery. After several days in the intensive care unit, I didn’t give up. I was a fighter. Doctors promised that I would have no issues living a normal life just like any kid would. And yes, their promises were true.

I’ve lived for so long with no health problems at all; no medications and no precautions needed to be made, and for that I feel very blessed. As I look upon my 30 years that I’ve breathed through this life, my mind, my soul, and my emotions hit me with a profound revelation – a revelation of fulfilling gratitude to have lived many years as a miracle child filled with great health, an amazing family, and an adorable husband.

Nothing can ever beat the feeling of being fulfilled in every aspect of my life, and for that, I have a huge gratitude. The surgery scars on my chest are constant reminders of how blessed I truly am and how much I look forward to each and every single day.

However, the feeling of utmost gratitude hit me even more when my sister at the age of just 34 was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in summer 2008. A huge shock of profound awareness hit my body, my mind, my soul like thunder strikes the floor – more than ever before at how life is indeed very fragile. Emotions such as fear, anger, despair, misery took over my body. Endless questions kept creeping up my mind and I felt helpless at the situation.

At any second, your life could simply slip away. Because of that, I am very grateful to be living a healthy lifestyle. Now more than ever before, I take good care of my body, my health, my mind – my lifestyle. These choices are mine. These decisions are mine. This life is mine to live, and for that I am more aware than ever before at how much I need to make the right lifestyle choices for my mind, my body, my emotions, my health, and to continue loving myself! And to never ever take anything for granted.

I am thankful for everything that I’ve been through, and everyone in my life who has made a huge impact on the person I am today. Special thanks for the one and only higher force that I turn to everyday, a force I call “God.” Special thanks goes to my parents for creating the lady I am today; my siblings for turning to them for support; and my husband for loving every bit of who I am.

Today marks another beautiful day of my life; another conscious awareness of happiness rushes through my body filled with gratitude, love, and joy, and yet it’s another chapter of my life. I say thank you for the past, thank you for my present, and thank you for my future.

Here’s to looking forward to another year with my one and only greater force above, my family, and my loving husband. And here’s to continue loving myself, loving my family, and loving my husband. Hello to the coming year ahead!!


About the Author | Carine Badreddine

Carine is a passionate married woman who believes in healthy living for mind, body, and soul. She is a firm believer that the mind is a huge aspect of our healthy living, and that thinking positively is the key to our success. Every choice we make is ours to live up to.

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