The Global Sisterhood: Dr. Heidi Zappone Discusses Your Authentic Wellness

The Global Sisterhood is honored to have spoken with Dr. Heidi Zappone, DC, CCN, DANLA, Doula, founder of DARE’ ALLA LUCE’. Dr. Zappone’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower patients from both traditional and scientific perspectives about wellness and beauty while providing healthy pure products that nourish the body and bring about radiance from within. She believes that empowering ourselves about where true beauty resides and thrives will help make us independent from the world of influential traditional body-image based advertising. Additionally, she believes that important health wisdom can originate from within: when we utilize science to help us make informed and powerful decisions, we can then turn to and trust our intuition. Her goal for Dare’ Alla Luce’ is to create conversation and community around the revolutionary idea that we can guide our own beauty and wellness. Dr. Zappone holds advanced degrees as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Diplomate of Advance Nutritional Laboratory Assessment from the prestigious, International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists. Additionally, she was a practicing Doula, having assisted in the births of many, many healthy babies.

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