The Journey To Awaken-ness


What were the stepping stones that allowed you to step into your True Purpose/Destiny?

When I was a child I already was deeply interested in God Consciousness. I remember being very excited learning something about Jesus in Primary School and running home to tell my Mom. She just smiled with bemusement. She was deeply religious as she had witnessed many miracles during unbearable circumstances and below-human conditions during deportation to Siberia during the Second World War.

At 16 I already was searching deliberately, and by 19 found an extraordinary Indian spiritual teacher who had fully merged with god-consciousness since his childhood. I enjoyed deep immersion into god-consciousness for over 16 meditation-filled years, six years of those spent living full time, celibate, in an ashram. Those were blissful years – and by that time I had given my life, consciously, to service to god-source.

At around the age of 33 I needed more awareness of my soul’s unique capabilities so I could be of deeper service to god and humanity. I felt competent in experiencing deep states of god-consciousness – yet I felt a call for more detailed information about the entire scope of my unique soul.

To access this information, I knew I needed ‘telepathic mentoring’ from higher spirit beings who could SEE the entire back history of my spirit soul, and who could train me into profound empowerment in the inner and outer worlds.

At this point, I quickly learned to open up my psychic abilities, and soon was working professionally as an energy healer. The states of higher consciousness needed to partner with vast teams of spirit surgeons when working inside a client’s auric field, accelerated my conscious telepathics exponentially. It was in this heightened multi-dimensional state that higher spirit tutors began to show me vast tracts of knowledge about human consciousness.
Years earlier I had worked as a journalist so my natural curiosity became focused on gaining as much knowledge from higher intelligence as possible.

My first Spirit Tutors soon passed me up to higher-level beings. It is now 22 years since I was invited by the spirit worlds to train directly with CEO-level Spirit Tutors. These spirit overseers are beings who oversee and understand everything contained within this physical and spirit universe. These two decades have been an extraordinary ride – learning from them how to intend deeply and clearly, and their precise and impeccable training to be fearless.

I am very grateful as my inner training is still unfolding and I enjoy passing on my inner training to others. I also love being a conduit for super high light activations for people interested in ascending to their higher soul potential.

After nearly a decade of full time professional energy healing I began in the late 90’s as my international online portal – a site on which I now offer online courses, free multi-media training, and my two decades of inner training with High Authority Spirit Tutors.

What did you have to let go of in order to truly follow your path?

I remember leaving the warm nest of my family when I was about 17 or 18, and knowing I had to leave that life behind in order to awaken my soul.

I also remember a moment after a car accident when my spirit tutors told me my soul was bored, and that I needed to let go of my steady salary and live full time as a psychic healer. That was a great moment of stepping out of my comfort zone. I leaned on the invisible worlds for support. It is now 24 years later.

My spirit mentors also regularly move me through trials where I let go of attachments in order to become a higher-level mentor to others. It never stops I believe.

Many times I choose love over fear and darkness in my multi-dimensional travels. In fact I fight for the resonance of love ferociously. That is my dharma. Saying yes to light and love above all else.

What is one key nugget of wisdom you wish to share from your journey?

It is interesting now as I look back, because I sense that our lives and our souls bring into this existence enormous power and potential from previous lifetimes.

Yet this life, from my direct experience, can offer opportunities that evolve our soul WAY past its initial ‘destiny’. That is the miracle: the life movie will present new upgrades if we put our hands up for them continuously.

So it really is about asking how much courage you have? That’s the truth.

And interestingly, at this time on the planet there is an opportunity for souls to first awaken to their full power, and then speak up from that power and fearlessness.

That is my work: awakening souls to their full power as quickly as possible.


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