The Soul Sister

I was always fumbling along the spiritual path and knew that I needed guidance. I wanted someone to help me. I did not know how to do it myself, and there, like magic arrived a beautiful angel at the Valley of the Temples in Sicily, Italy while we were both vacationing.  

She offered me the key that I was missing along—how to actually meditate. I had been led to believe all these years that I had to quiet my mind in order to have a successful meditation practice, which caused me to give up in frustration. Meditation is not about our thoughts or trying to empty our minds, as we cannot stop or control thoughts, but we can decide how much attention to give to them. From that moment onward, I got it.

After meeting my soul sister, I set myself on a serious spiritual path. By taking small steps at a time, like a flower growing, I started to raise my frequency. I knew I could not jump to the mountaintop with one jump and had to be kind to myself and appreciate everything that I would go through. I knew in my heart that I would be guided to a higher state of being. I knew that, by the small steps, I would reach my destination by enjoying the ride.

Powerful teachers and healers started appearing  in my life (and still do) because I was ready to stop the patterns that I repeated that held me a prisoner. The fact that they showed up is magical. I learned to teach what I most needed to learn.

They have given me gems of wisdom that are priceless and gems that I will carry around in my pocket from this moment onward. My most precious gem is my soul sister.

deedee panesar

About the Author | Deedee Panesar

As I am opening the doors to my spiritual awakening, I have been guided to many spiritual mentors that are helping me to truly accept and embrace my gifts. I hope to inspire and motivate others to recognize their own given gifts and eternal healing light.

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