Umbrellas In The Rain

At Women for One, we all seek to unlock our past through being Truthtellers about our experiences. We want to be fully in the present. As truthtellers we feel that the best way to do that is to stand firmly on a foundation of the past, along with an understanding – to the best of our abilities – as to what the past means and how our experiences have impacted us. This book, written as a guidebook for those who feel stuck, locked in excuses, blaming others, or who try to please others at the expense of themselves, is a solid reminder to wake up and live through being honest and real with yourself and with the world around you. The book provides action items to help you find, forgive, and accept yourself. Life awaits….and the truth can set you free! For more information and to purchase this book, click HERE.

About the Author | Sandy Galiano

Sandy is author of three books: “Umbrellas in the Rain, A Memoir,” “Umbrellas in the Rain: Find Forgive Accept Yourself,” and, “Mom and Dad Say I Have to go to College.” Her passion is to share her own wisdom and happiness so that she may influence others through positive peer pressure.

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