I celebrated a birthday feeling fulfilled with experiencing Universal Love expressed in nature. I was surrounded by hundreds of gold butterflies, waterfalls, beautiful trees, and birds. On the way back, I felt pulled to go to Macy’s. I came across a beautiful, unique pair of blue jeans. They were originally $100 with 40 percent off.

I said to the Universe, “How pretty these jeans are. I would enjoy paying $32 for them. Otherwise I am fine without getting them.” I asked the clerk if the Macy’s birthday or wallet coupons would work. She said no. She checked online and said they were the same price. I thanked her and left. When I got back to the house, I felt pulled to go to Macy’s online. I saw the white and blue jeans listed on sale. The white pair was $52 with 40 percent off. The blue pair was $52. I called and asked if the 40 percent could be used toward the blue pair. She said no. I told her I was celebrating a birthday today. She said, “If it’s your birthday, then I’ll give you 40 percent off the blue jeans. They come to $32.” Now, I wear them with gratitude.

I opened my heart to Universal Love and felt so joyful. At that time, I shared how I’d like the jeans. I felt a deep sense of enjoying them without having an attachment to having them. I felt no missing out or limitations about the price. I know if you seek the Kingdom of Heaven, which I call Universal Love, all shall be met according to our purpose and the Universe’s plan set for us.

Being an Angel Messenger, I am able to hear Angels and see people go into the light when they die. I asked the Universe for deeper clarity. The first thing I heard was, “It is about time.” I laughed.

This is the channeled message that I heard:
1) Quiet any mental stories.
2) Open your heart and feel Universal Love inside, allowing the joyful energies to fill and empower you. This is what some call the Kingdom of Heaven.
3) It doesn’t matter if you feel insecure or fearful initially because as you open your heart to Universal Love, divine pure love will transform the fears and insecurities.

Some feel they must first transform the fears and insecurities through analyzing, fixing, or correcting. This leads to struggles and insecurities because they feel something is wrong with them and therefore needs fixing in order to be happy. This is ego control wanting to have instant gratification. Embracing and letting go of the fears and insecurities helps with the connection to Universal Love. Resisting, judging, or attempting to force it out only keeps you stuck like glue to those fears and insecurities. Embracing them and focusing on Universal Love is a form of surrendering them, which transforms them in the higher vibrations.

As we experience this magnificent Universal Love, we will feel the omnipresence and omnipotent vibrations of love, joy, and abundance. This is way beyond any frequency that the human expression can have if it is conditionally love-based or fear-driven. Universal Love is pure, unconditional, and nurturing. Experiencing this is true freedom.

The Universe knows our heart’s desires way before we even think them. The Universe created us, so of course the Universe knows. I felt the energy of pure bliss and joy when I saw the jeans. Without any attachments to having or not having them. I shared how it would bring me joy. I didn’t feel any limitations around not having them or missing them if I didn’t get them. I felt a sense of joy and love, and my wearing them brought heightened levels of joy. This joy aligned with the energy of Universal Love. Divine order and timing allowed it to come into fruition.

When you are aligned to the vibrations of the Universe of love and abundance, the fruition is way beyond what you expect. The energy is beyond anything you ever imagined because you are at a higher vibration. It will feel peaceful and expansive because you are living in the realm of Universal Love and abundance.

The stronger the connection to Universal Love, the greater the joy, love, peace, and abundance you feel and experience. Desires come into fruition more easily and more playfully. Love and Joy are two of the highest frequencies. This allows you to feel Universal Love at a deeper level. Self-love, self-empowerment, and a strong focused awareness on the truth of Universal Love keeps your connection intact. Connect to Universal Love in the heart and allow the magic to unfold.

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Angelica Rose, an Angel Walk-in, has been a Universal gifted Angel Messenger and Inner Spirit Activation Specialist since 1991. She is also a certified hypnotist and author of many books and meditation series. Angelica also created an online series called "Spiritual Journey From Human Consciousness to Spiritual Oneness."

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