Let Every Day Be Your Day

“Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.” —Mario Quintana

Looking back on my life, I can recall there were two days I was looking for every year: my birthday and March 8. In my home country, Romania, that’s not only a Mother’s Day celebration, but similar to many other nations, it is International Women’s Day. Getting flowers and gifts from family, friends, and colleagues made me feel valued, cherished, and loved.

A few years ago, this question struck me like thunder: Why do I have to wait for any special occasions to feel happy and alive when I could make any day feel special? That day was a real wake-up call—a sign that I was putting my life on hold and waiting for the big things to happen so that I could feel truly joyful and satisfied.

You see, most of us get stuck with the habit of chasing for happiness and projecting it into an imaginary future instead of living in the only reality that is: the present moment.

We often think thoughts like: The day I get married, I will be happy. The day I move into that new house, I will be happy. The day I can afford to buy that car, I will be happy.

I did the same thing, for too many years. Taking everything I was and everything I had for granted and always running to achieve more or better. Spending a huge amount of my precious time complaining, as if I never had enough time, enough money, or enough love.

No wonder I was overweight and addicted to sugar. In reality, it wasn’t the sugar I was craving; it was the emotion of feeling good I was looking for.

The day I started to sweeten my days enough with small pleasures that charged me with positive energy, I didn’t need to supplement my life with sugar.

My days began to feel different, and every moment became equally precious and important. Here is how.

As a human being, I know I need to sleep, relax and recharge my batteries: body, mind, and soul. I am not a Superwoman. I make sure I take breaks between working hours. I am not a robot.

Sometimes, I go out for a nice walk in nature. I treat myself to a massage. If I don’t have time for my hobbies, I make time. I watch a good movie or read a good book. I listen to relaxing recordings, with my eyes closed. I light a candle or some nice-smelling incense (jasmine is my favorite). I buy myself good-quality coffee and teas I enjoy. I embellish my home with fresh flowers. I drink water from a wine glass with a slice of lemon in it. I enjoy my morning coffee from a beautiful porcelain cup with a red heart on it, to remind myself that love is all around.

I meet with positive, supportive people who love me as I am. I make sure I smile more, laugh, and have fun. I know that stimulates more serotonin (the feel-good hormone) in my body. I use the beautiful bed sheets and the nice towels instead of saving them for the guests. I wear the nice underwear instead of saving it for special occasions. Just so; because I’m worth it.

I have learned to treat life as a gift worth enjoying and celebrating. I stopped waiting for the weekends so that I could feel like living. Today, I choose to see every morning as a fresh start (including Mondays), wonderful opportunities for me to learn new things and grow. My life is to be lived; it’s not just about existing—and I choose to live it to the fullest.

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