What I Have Gone Through


I am a lady, 62 years old, who worked for the Government of Kenya for 25 years. I took early retirement because of problems with my relationship. I had to run away from my house. My husband met another lady who came to our house as his second wife and threw me out of the house.

I started to attend counseling seminars, and later started to work with the community especially girls and children, and then women. Right now I have a community-based organization called Wiswa Community Self Help Group who are working together to empower ourselves on entrepreneurship and how to take care of orphan children within our community. We are appealing to you to help us help needy women and children.
What we need urgently is desks and then a feeding programme. Friends gave me $1,400 which, along with $500 in other donations, is what am working with now (plus my pension which accumulated for 5 months).
I have been in the USA so am still far way but with God’s grace I will be able to help these needy children. Once again may God be with you always.


Mary Akeyo Omollo


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  • Juma Momanyi

    Mary, what you are engaged in is a calling. In God’s name you will succeed. Remember, you are doing this for God and not for mankind. I wish I had time to market this noble project. However, I will do it in whichever way possible.