What is the Truth?

What is the Truth?

What an age old question!  The best answer I’ve ever received came from a realized master, Baba Muktananda, who said,  “Anything done or spoken with the intention of hurting another is NOT the Truth.” Additionally, it must come from the heart with the intention of being of service and uplifting another.  It must be told/done sweetly.

If we look at the news, we might think that the Truth might be different for people on the other side of the world. But Baba, who was from India, taught that there is no “other.”  Each person has the same spirit running through them, the same heart at the center of their being, and the Truth is not different for different people.

How can we know what is True?  Quite simply…it’s an inside job.  Each of us can know by becoming an expert at listening to our hearts.  To do this, we need to devote some time each day when we can be alone and “centered,” whether that is sitting a cross legged position with our eyes closed, or sipping on a cup of tea while looking at our garden, or in any place that allows us to quietly reflect and check out and check in with our bodies.  It’s learning to trust the part of us that allows our hearts to glow when the right choice is made … in spite of anything that is happening or that is said in the world.

Speaking of what is said in the world, what if all women took a vow always to tell the Truth!  What if a portion of those who agreed to tell their Truth to a large number of people…let’s say at their church/temple/mosque/etc.,  in front of the School Board, at the City Council meetings, the State Legislature … or radio and television!  What if there was a place, which made it easy and free to talk to thousands of people, in fact hundreds of thousands and millions of other women, at one time…a place like WomensRadio.

And what might happen if everyone on earth, or even just the women,  was an expert at listening to their hearts?!

It’s a world I wouldn’t mind returning to experience!


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