What Walks in the Mother


A couple of years ago, when she was a teenager, my daughter was saying things to me like, ‘I feel fat’, ‘I don’t look good in these clothes’ and ‘I need to lose weight’. She was saying the things that I knew I had said to myself as a teenage girl and, in reality, had also been saying as a woman.

I remember saying to her, ‘Honey you are beautiful, it’s not about the size of your bum, it’s about the size of your heart and the purpose that you have in life. It’s about self-respect and self-love.’ And yet, here I was saying these words to my daughter and the cold hard truth was that I wasn’t actually living it. And I never had. They were just words.

I believe that what walks in the mother runs in the child and it was this significant moment in my life that beckoned me to walk a different path; one that I would be proud for my daughter to follow. I had a deep desire to discover more of the person I was inside; what drove me to behave in certain ways and why I did what I did (and why I didn’t do what I didn’t do).

I began studying human behavior and life coaching at Australia’s leading coaching institute and then created my signature coaching program, which was the genesis of the ‘ART Your Life’ phenomenon. I became a learning machine and expanded my knowledge and skills by becoming an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Trainer, Extended Disc Personality Profile Specialist and Trainer and Values Pendulum Practitioner. I now proudly own and manage one of Australia’s most successful life coaching businesses.

ART Your Life is about profound change – whether it’s changing your weight, getting more balance back into your life, or improving your self-esteem – it’s all possible when you decide to make your life a masterpiece and learn to love yourself, your body and your life from the inside out. The ground-breaking ‘ART Your Life’ 7 Week Intensive is making waves in Australia and overseas by showing women they CAN literally have it all.

Together women create a powerful energy and the more women connect with themselves, and each other, the more of a difference we make in the lives of others. Hundreds of women have already participated in the ART Your Life Intensive learning and implementing practical and transformational life and mindset strategies to design their lives into a beautiful masterpiece. With an underpinning philosophy of creating opportunities for real connection, ART has opened the door for women to learn, share and express themselves in a safe and non-judgemental environment. It is cutting-edge, contemporary and as real as it gets.

ART Your Life is designed for women to help them create extraordinary breakthroughs in all aspects of their lives. It is revolutionary and changes their beliefs, emotions, behaviors, habits and relationships so they love themselves, their body and their life from the inside out. The program’s unique mindset and mindfulness workshops, personal coaching, functional fitness, diet free philosophy, accountability and motivation, ignites personal power and completely transforms lifestyles, health and happiness. The foundational ART Your Life 7 week intensive is available as a face-to-face program or as an online program for people located throughout Australia, and the world. Visit www.artyourlife.com.au to learn more.


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