What Women Want Talk Radio: Interview with Kelly

Check out this 2016 interview from Judy Goss’s What Women Want Talk Radio, where she talks with Kelly about life, truth, and what it means to move beyond our limited ideas of who we are. Kelly and Judy have been friends for years, and their conversation about connecting with ourselves and each other from our joy rather than just our suffering is a powerful reminder of how connection, sisterhood, and collaboration can allow us to embrace our truest, messiest, most vibrant selves. Let us know what you think in the comments!

TV personality, speaker, entrepreneur, St. Martin’s Press Author, women’s advocate, and mom of twins, Judy Goss, interviews celebrities and savvy experts on What Women Want, an engaging radio show that gets over 10,000 listeners per episode. Judy covers hot topics like dating and relationships, growing your spiritual side, building your business and career, tips for surviving motherhood, health concerns for women, and more! Judy was a former high-fashion model who traveled the world before becoming an editor at Cosmopolitan and More magazines, as well as a TV host and author. She is also CEO of the nationally acclaimed networking organization Over 40 Females.

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About the Author | Judy Goss

Judy Goss, an experienced TV personality and radio show host who has hosted her own shows, interviewed A-list celebrities, appeared on countless TV shows as a News Correspondent, Lifestyle Expert, Author, Spokesperson and Women's Advocate is currently the host of "What Women Want" on LA Talk Radio with 30,000 listeners/month.

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