When Someone Hurts You

You can’t avoid being hurt in life. It happens, and maybe sometimes more often than we wish.

People say hurtful things. Relationships come and go. You lose friends. But what we say to ourselves after these things happen is exactly where we need to focus our energy.

If someone says something nasty, do you adopt to their words? Do you believe it to be true? Or is your sense of self strong enough to know the difference?

Often when people say or do hurtful things it is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves, so observe. The goal is to know yourself so well that, when something is said or done, we do not accept it as truth. Sure it is necessary to hurt, but do not let yourself start to believe you are unlovable or unworthy. Know you are enough, your heart is enough. Always be creating a kind of space that lifts you and others up, not the type of space that allows your heart to become re-injured.

If you are going to be let down, be let down without thinking you are unimportant. Work on separating feelings from self worth, feelings change but self worth should always be consistent and growing.

Hurt doesn’t define you.

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2 comments to "When Someone Hurts You"

  • Angela

    Ashley- well said, but sometimes it’s easier to say then to believe. I know this because I have spent the last ten years in a job where I am not respected, or appreciated. I have been lied to, promised promotions and been let down. It’s hard to stay in a job and feel confident or respected. I am working on regaining my confidence by finished my degree and pursuing other opportunies to feel like the person I use to be. Thank you for the reassurance.

  • Self-valuing. Yes. Thank you.