When You are the Cause, You are the Healer

When I was 30 years old, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, an “incurable autoimmune disease.” I was presented with the standard immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory drugs as my only options. I was told that diet and stress levels had nothing to do with my disease. Mainstream medicine offered me no hope. I was facing a lifetime of debilitating drugs, and like my grandfather who had also suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, many years of suffering.

When I really sat with my diagnosis and my pain, I lit upon the word “autoimmune.” I realized it meant I was attacking and trying to kill myself! Why would I do that? I had four beautiful children, a life I loved, and no thoughts of suicide. I examined my body, mind, heart, and spirit for clues to my disease. In the process of my research and inquiry into the “why” of my disease, I discovered Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient science that encompasses the whole person: body, mind, heart, spirit, and the person’s story.

The year it took for me to recover fully was a year of self-discovery unlike anything I had ever embarked on. I worked out why I was attacking myself.

When I was 10 years old, I was sexually abused by the vice principal of my school. No one took me seriously when I told them. I have a clear memory of sitting outside one day, deciding this world was not a safe place, and thinking I probably didn’t want to be here anymore.

Flash forward two decades later and I was fulfilling the decision an upset 10-year-old had placed within her cells and very being. That was my story.

Within one year of changing lifestyle habits from each of the four areas of my whole being, I was free of autoimmune disease. Tests could find no sign of rheumatoid arthritis in my blood. According to Western medicine, this was impossible. I was not cured of autoimmune disease just because of diet and supplements and herbs; I learned to meditate, started some pretty deep emotional work through trauma-release therapy, and had begun the practice and study of yoga. In short, I had discovered my innate divinity that no trauma could eradicate without my permission.

Little did I know that, a few years later, my sons would also be sexually molested by a neighborhood boy. They were three and five years old at the time. When my younger son turned 18, he told me of his experience. I was thrown into a chasm of grief, anguish, despair, and guilt deeper than I could possibly imagine as I heard my worst nightmare coming true.

Four months after I learned of my children’s trauma, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I immediately knew why I had breast cancer. The tumor was right over my heart in my left breast. My heart was full of grief, bitterness, and anger at my children’s abuser.

I told the radiologist who gave me the news that I would wait one month before seeing an oncologist because I knew where this tumor had come from. During that month, I located the now-adult man who had experimented with my boys.

When he answered the phone he said, “I’ve been expecting this call for many years.” It was almost as if it was a relief for him to finally receive it.

I asked the questions I needed to ask. I got the answers I needed to get, and then set up calls between him and my sons. I sent my sons to therapy for trauma release and did some deep work for myself on forgiveness—of both the abuser and of myself. In addition, my husband and I, both Reiki masters, worked on the tumor using Reiki energy every morning and night.

That month, deep healing took place for my family, for the young man who had victimized my sons, and for myself. My sons responded to therapy rapidly and with incredible willingness to forgive. I, on the other hand, took longer. But when I returned for a follow up ultrasound to view my tumor, it was gone. Completely gone.

Is this the route I recommend to my patients diagnosed with autoimmune disease and breast cancer? No. Everyone is different. However, I do work with them to get to the root cause.

There are five root causes for any disease: there is a block in the emotions, in the body, in the mind, or in the spirit—or in the story. The good news is that all are reversible. You can re-write your story. The outcome is up to you if you are willing to dive deep. However, I know from personal experience that sometimes a decision was made long ago that influences that story. This is where I start with every single patient.

Dr.Keesha Ewers

About the Author | Dr. Keesha Ewers

Dr. Keesha Ewers discovered her autoimmune disease and breast cancer were a result of sexual abuse from her own childhood and her sons’ childhoods. Her journey of self-discovery was gritty and bleak as she came to terms with how to forgive and discover her own innate connection to the divine. She had to re-choose life rather than death—even when it seemed like an easier path. She now aids others on this journey through her functional medicine practice, workshops, and articles/books.

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5 comments to "When You are the Cause, You are the Healer"

  • Sue

    Dr Keesha
    I relate to your story. I now have breast cancer mets to my lung. I have been to counselling and have started a journaling practice of forgiveness and have already forgiven the people I feel may havevcaused the emotionsl trauma.
    I have come a long way…and am still dealing with residual aspects of damages to my lung. I read a lot / talk to spirit / pray / have changed what i believe are negative emotions bottled up in me. But am still incapacitated. I want spirit to restore my health. I feel i need more guidance. Can you help me ? Or tell me where or what it is Im not doing enough of ? Im a professional ( not working anymore), a wife and mother to 2 children…and like you feel I have so much to do . Please help me if you can . Thank you !
    Much regards

  • Hi Sumitra,
    I am so sorry to hear about your story! Of course I would love to help you. Please send me an email at the contact info below.
    Many blessings and hugs,
    Dr. Keesha

  • Julie Kenkel

    I grew up in a very abusive home, mentally, physically and sexually abused. I got breast cancer in my left breast 5 1/2 years ago. 2 of my brothers died of heart attacks 4 years apart, aged 59 and 55 and we don’t have heart disease in my family. I have no doubt where all this disease stems from and am happy to relate that I have worked through it and am healthy and whole again. I have forgiven and been able to move on and am now helping other cancer survivors. Thanks for sharing your story Dr. Ewers, good to know I’m not nuts.

  • Julie I am so happy to hear you are doing so well and you are NOT nuts :-). Thank you for reaching out!

  • Sheila Layman

    Dr keesha!!! Can I get the phone number for a discovery call. I have already watched the life coaching webinar. …….I feel I can’t hold my soul back from getting onboard with you any longer. I h a very fibromialgia, myofacial, and mastoiditus. I am a non working madsage therapist. You haf offered me the price of 5500 dollars for thr course. I think I have found someone to buy my acre of land for that . But I would like to talk with yr secretary on the phone to learn more.