Women Making a Difference: Loving Your Best You

We all struggle. Every. Single. Day.

Daily defeat is inevitable when we continue to compare ourselves to the idealistic image we manifest in our minds as to how we should be living our lives. Weighing ourselves down with unrealistic expectations of what kind of partner, parent, and professional we must become to achieve happiness creates such a burden that we drive ourselves to absolute depletion.

If we let this go for too long, it can have real effects on our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being!

Too often, we think we’re alone—until we talk to a friend and realize that all of us women do this to ourselves. And in these moments of absolute vulnerability, we realize that we have more in common than not.

All of us feel as though we are never enough. Even when we achieve success, we desire more. Whether it’s because a traumatic life experience or toxic relationship has scarred us, somewhere along the path, we stop trusting ourselves and our journeys.

Perhaps the answer isn’t that we must learn how to overcome our shortcomings, but that we only need to learn how to practice a little self-forgiveness.

And self-acceptance.

So, how exactly do we do this?

Come spend a life-changing evening with us in Seattle by wine-tasting, enjoying a fabulous chocolate lounge and award-winning bites, meeting new and fun people, and listening to our uplifting panel of speakers—who will share with you the secrets of their own journeys to self-forgiveness and self-acceptance.

All proceeds for the evening go toward supporting local military and veteran wives by way of providing a weekend revival retreat for wives of wounded warriors and a Mother’s Day outing for mothers of deployed service members. As women, we often are no strangers to sacrifice and selflessness, so come out and help us support women in our community who sacrifice for our way of life and freedom. When we support military wives, we support military families.

The evening will also include a silent auction for incredible items such as a lake house vacation rental and a photography session with a celebrity photographer, a raffle for a hydrafacial at an award-winning salon, and home- or office-organizing services from the wife of a WWII fighter pilot.

Women Making a Difference: Loving Your Best You is presented by Northwest Military Wives Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission to inspire wives of active-duty service members, veterans, and reservists in the Puget Sound region by connecting with our local community. By learning from one another and celebrating all that makes us different and the same, we can uplift each other as we pursue our personal journeys to becoming our best selves.

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About the Author | Kristin Bentley

Kristin Bentley is the founder of Northwest Military Wives Foundation, a Seattle-based nonprofit created to support local wives of active-duty service members, veterans, and reservists. Through her experiences as a military spouse, working from home with two toddlers, and being married to a combat-disabled veteran, she learned that personal happiness and a strong sense of self aren't something to sacrifice.

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