You Are Beautiful & You Deserve Nothing But The Best


My story is rather interesting, as I used to be very similar to the men I describe in my song. I want women to be cautiously aware of allowing such a man to enter her heart. Many men’s lack of humility and willingness to understand a woman’s heart can lead to pain and heartache. I want a man to understand a woman’s vulnerability should be protected by a man at all times. Her heart should be nurtured, so that no woman will ever experience pain and heartache due to abuse or neglect.

As a musician, I too used to follow the world’s example of not valuing women. I created music showing my proud and arrogant mindset towards women – never truly appreciating women for who they really are. However, now that I see the depths of a woman’s heart, I realize how much damage has been caused because of the void in men’s hearts. Men need to learn how to grasp standing firm. They need to show that not every man is out to steal away a woman’s joy and break her heart.

My song on youtube,, speaks volumes. It is a song for each and every woman around the world, broken or whole. All women in the world need to know that they each deserve the best of life. I am almost finished writing a book for women, called “He Loves.” I want to break the limitations and barriers that are being set as obstacles to the growth of a woman’s heart. I hope to help every man and woman know the true heart of a woman.





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