You Don’t Manifest Love, You Open to Receive Love

I absolutely believe in the power of manifestation. Those practices WORK, and they are important. I also learned a few things as I desired relationship and am really clear on what needed to happen in order for it to happen for me.

I needed to learn how to RECEIVE.

I see a lot of women agonize over trying to manifest their partner. They are saying their affirmations, smudging their apartments, organizing their drawers, feeling joyful and loving, and believing that their partner will come—but then, when they are complimented they look away, or they are so busy they barely have time to breathe, or so focused on what they think love “should” look like that they can’t see what’s truly there.

We’ve all heard, “We accept the love we think we deserve,” and it really is the truth. I couldn’t have met my husband one second sooner because I wouldn’t have been able to receive him. A man that gives and gives and gives generously his time, attention, love, and tenderness.

I had to learn how to open my heart to receive the man of my dreams. I didn’t need to learn how to manifest him.

Your partner is already out there. He/she already EXISTS. Our work in love is always about our capacity to receive.

I stopped trying to do all the manifestation techniques and started paying attention to how well I was letting love INTO my life. I started paying attention to whether or not I truly believed I was worthy of receiving divine love. This is where it begins.

Many people struggle to receive love. We struggle to receive because when we receive, we have to just BE.

Most of us are so comfortable doing things that we have a hard time just sitting still. When we receive, we have to stop, breathe, and believe we are worthy of receiving what is being given. This demands that we pay attention to ourselves, and this is vulnerable for so many. It was for me. Even after years of wanting love so badly, I realized I could barely let it into my heart.

Here’s how I discovered you can open your heart:

1. Believe you are worthy. You are not worthy “because of”—you were born worthy, period. You are worthy of love and kindness and respect. You are worthy of receiving.

2. Create spaciousness in your life. Personally, I find the “cleaning out your drawer” thing ridiculous. If love is about receiving, instead of cleaning out a drawer, make space in your heart. Be willing to say NO, to have nights where you are resting. Stop trying to do a hundred things at once. Notice if there’s space in your LIFE for your heart, your dreams. Notice how you are spending your time. Are you spending time doing things that make you happy and bring you joy?

3. Get present. I love how everyone talks about how women are natural multi-taskers. It’s fabulous. I’m so impressed by MOTHERS, truly, but it’s also important to be able to do one thing at a time. It’s also important to breathe, be still, keep your attention on your body, and be present. Yoga helped me with this tremendously. Focusing on my body and my breath, one moment at a time.

4. Say “thank you” when you receive a compliment. I know that for some, it may seem like such a silly practice, but it is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done. I started this way. Say “thank you” when someone compliments you. No story around it, no looking down and away, no immediately thinking you need to say something back, too. Receive.

I created The Path to Love program as a way to help women open their hearts to receive. To get out of the rat race of trying to manifest a partner and to relax to receive a partner. “Love is EASE-Y,” I always say. But it’s not always “easy,” and in fact, sometimes takes work. It’s miraculous when the work feels joyful, when we can rest with our partner, too. I continuously work to receive the love my husband has for me, and that’s the greatest work any of us can do daily to open our hearts to the love that is always flowing toward us and swirling around us. We are all so loved already, partner or not.

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About the Author | Catherine Hummel

Catherine Hummel is a love coach, yoga teacher, and healer who has devoted her life to love. She is passionate about helping men and women meet and keep extraordinary partners. She believes healthy relationships are what will help heal the world. When she is not teaching about love or talking about love she's living love with her husband Andrew on the beach in Scituate, MA.

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