You Want to Know About Me

“Nikole Potulsky has a voice for stadiums and the heart for dive bars.” —No Depression

Both haunted and hopeful, You Want to Know About Me, the debut album from Portland storyteller Nikole Potulsky, stirs the raw emotion of the blues, the call to action of folk, the storytelling of country music, and the longing for the salvation of gospel.

If you’ve ever had a grandparent, a friend, a longing, a lust, a heartbreak, been a child or had a child, or wanted to escape to some other zip code or some other path, then you’ll find more than enough to relate to. In sharing pieces of herself, she inevitably finds a piece of you, and it’s a gift to the senses.” —Jason Sauls, OPB

Nikole’s powerful voice and vivid lyrics shine inside a rich soundscape of emotion that moves deftly between toe-tapping songs of home and the heartbreaking songs of loss. Nikole says, “This is an album about power—how we find it, how we lose it, how we give it away, and what we must do to get it back.”

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About the Author | Nikole Potulsky

Nikole Potulsky is an American activist, writer, speaker, independent musician, parent, and proud member of the LGBTQ community. Through story and music, Nikole shares her journey of finding, losing, and reclaiming her voice and power in her family, community, and career.  Nikole’s music can be found on all streaming and downloading sites, her essay’s have been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Portland Mercury, and at  

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