6 Things I Would Like to Share With Every Woman


Beautiful Sister, I would like to share with you what I have learned so far. It is my truth.
1. You can live your Life either as an observer or an actor. Yes, we think life is happening so we are observing, we feed our mind with opportunities to create beliefs or statements. Often limiting ones. We think all this crap such as ”it’s difficult”, ”it’s not possible”, or “it will be hard”. This is nonsense, full-stop. It’s like a curtain to cover what life is really all about. It’s a playground – a place where you go and play. No sitting, watching and thinking. So leave that comfortable seat and start taking bold actions – the rest doesn’t matter. You don’t become any greater by shrinking and playing it safe. Not at all. You become bigger, excited and feel alive by going after what you want. Stand for your desires, explore and try new things.

2. Your Pussy is not a pussy – it’s a freaking Sanctuary. Yes, you have a diamond in yourself and you don’t even know it. Obviously the patriarch was clever to make the woman weak – she was silenced. Feminine sexuality was suppressed. And there is nothing more powerful than the womb – like honestly, it all starts there. It is a bible of wisdom – yours, your mothers and your grandmothers. It’s all there women! You stand in the power of your womb and there isn’t a thing you can’t do. On that note, cherish your Sanctuary and let in only those who know that they are entering a Sacred Place. All the rest – au revoir!

3. This self-love thing – don’t search for it like the button to switch it on is somewhere outside of you. It’s not in the botox, neither is it in the new lips.

I know self-love may be hard to grasp but the bottom line is that if you dive deeply enough in your own heart it will overflow you. Tears will gush out of the surprise of how beautiful you really are. If this still doesn’t speak to you – start acting as if you love yourself (do to yourself the things you would do for a person you love). Start today and see what happens. P.S. It worked magic for me!

4. Now, your Mind. If you feel like you’re its prisoner and you constantly over think, try to learn different ways of managing it. But to be honest, this will be hard. The Mind is always active. One thing I found that really works is dropping to my body. I am talking about lying on the floor, doing yoga. Yoga connects the body and mind. Do this as often as possible. Once you really ground yourself, your mind takes a secondary position and becomes your servant, not your boss.

5. Earth. Yep – I know it may sound strange for some, but I must say this as I am really committed to bringing the Sisters back to their connection with Earth. So it goes like this: the more you’re in your body, the more you open the receptivity of your Feminine body to the energy shooting from the center of the Earth. This energy is potent, powerful, energizing and is patiently waiting until you’re ready. Feel nature as often as you can. Walk barefoot, sit on the Earth, let the energy of your womb connect with the Earth – the womb of all. You can hug trees, too. Anything that connects you with the Earth will work. This will massively help to ground your mind too.

6. The last – but not the least. Stay true to Yourself, always – even if the outside world doesn’t believe in you, doesn’t support you, even more, laughs or criticizes you. If you have this wild dream or vision, for yourself or your future – it only means it’s possible, otherwise you wouldn’t have it. So protect it, cherish it. Years later you will laugh and those who didn’t believe in you will be embarrassed. Anyone who doesn’t believe in a woman standing in her power is a fool.

Six small tips, but I think they’re worth sharing. So share! Let’s empower each other. Let’s rise together and create beautiful sisterhoods. Drop the heaviness, drop the pain, it was with you long enough. Now go, stand straight, firmly acknowledging Earth beneath you and tell yourself how amazing you are!



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