A Conversation with Hope for Women Magazine Founder, Angelia White

More and more often, as I walk along my own path, I look to one side or another and find that other women are walking paths parallel to my own. It’s remarkable, really, how these women have shown up in my life. Angelia White is one of those women. Like me, she found herself just existing in life and not really living her truth. As she questioned her purpose, she was led to begin Hope for Women magazine. Her story is an inspiring affirmation for me, and I hope it gets you excited about your own purpose, too!

In this Women For One interview, Angelia White introduces us to a powerful community that celebrates and uplifts women. She shares how Hope for Women Magazine was started, and how you can become involved.

Angelia White’s axiom, “Live, Dream, Inspire,” is what motivated her in 2000 to embark on an extraordinary journey to create a lifestyle magazine for diverse women of Christian faith – a magazine that speaks to all women from all walks of life. What began as a simple idea blossomed into an amazing, faith-defining endeavor.

Having connecting her God-given passion with a purpose, Angelia decided to step out on faith with her dream. She began her mission to present beauty, fashion, and lifestyle issues for today’s aspiring woman. Angelia envisioned a magazine synchronizing diverse women of Christian faith, inspired by true-life stories, providing powerful lessons that inspire, provide hope, and encourage change.

In 2005, Angelia experienced the loss of her grandmother and father within a two-month time period. It was during these difficult times that she was able to discern how short and precious life truly is. Inspired by these revelations, she knew that it was time to take concrete steps toward fulfilling her dream. In May 2005, with strong faith and determination, her vision evolved into the reality of Hope for Women Magazine.

She says God has continually guided and directed her entirely throughout this journey, continuing to open selective doors and leading her to individuals who share the same intriguing passion. More importantly, Angelia feels gratitude at being blessed with a supportive family and friends who not only believed in her vision but who also continue to make it a reality. She is also blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful team of dedicated individuals who are committed to making Hope for Women Magazine exactly as she envisioned.

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About the Author | Angelia White

Angelia White created Hope for Women LLC and serves as CEO and publisher of Hope for Women Magazine. She made her home with her husband, Johnny, Sr., and their three children in Muncie, Ind., where the publication is headquartered.

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