Aboriginal, Abducted, and Healing

Note from the Editor: This story contains themes that might challenge the beliefs and sensibilities of some of our readers. While the stories we receive don’t necessarily represent Wf1’s values and beliefs, we thought this was an interesting example of a woman choosing to claim her truth—no matter how “out of this world” or on the fringes of most people’s perceived reality it might be.

My first conscious emotion toward my pussy began with pain from my menstrual cycle, which led to self-loathing. I hated the pain my pussy brought into my life through my moon cycles. It took me over 40 years to realize the pain developed because of this self-loathing and pussy hatred.

My pussy hatred came from the violations I experienced from the age of three years old with the abductions. Because I was violated at such a young age, I never learned to own my pussy. It was as if it belonged to someone else—or in my case, something else. I viewed it as a great source of pain because my menstrual cycle, which began at nine years old, was so painful. I often had to go to the emergency room, sometimes in the ambulance, because of the excruciating pain I experienced. At the age of about 11, I began taking serious pain medications for my cycle. I can recall taking Valium and the doctor increasing my dosage from 1 to 4 until I finally realized it was not working and I began taking Motrin. It was to no avail. My mom, family, friends, and I looked into all kinds of natural remedies to help ease my womb pain.

Somewhere in the consciousness of my pussy was the realization that my pussy was not just a part of me—it was also a wound. Consistent pussy abuse through the abductions caused me to hate and want to disassociate myself from it.

My last abduction occurred after my daughters were taken from me by their father. This time, in spite of the mind-altering devices used to disguise their cover-up, my soul was fully awake when they took me in my bed while I was sleeping. I suffered an abduction at a time where I was in total denial to the existence of other beings.

The morning after the abduction occurred, I called my friend El Hagon and said, “My legs and arms feel like they have been cut off and replaced, and I have a lot of lumps in them. I went to bed last night, and the next thing I knew, a very tall being in a black suit or something was standing over me. I also heard all of them bringing me back to the house. I awakened and said, ‘How did I get outside of the house when I was in my bed sleeping?’ It startled them and they dropped me.”

Before I could finish my story, El Hagon interrupted me and explained what I was feeling, and he said, “You was abducted.”

I often wondered how he knew what I was experiencing and later learned he was a metaphysical and natural psychic.

During the abduction, they implanted a baby inside of me. When they took me to the ship, it was for the purpose of taking some of my tissue and DNA to implant a baby for me to carry.

Shortly after the abduction, I realized I was pregnant but not with a normal pregnancy. I carried this baby for under four months. The baby I carried inside me grew at an amazing speed beyond my comprehension. El Hagon and his mate at the time felt and witnessed this being growing inside of me. They felt the entity moving inside of me.

A few months later, the beings removed the child and I was left only with the placenta but no baby. Feeling out of control, confused, abused, and misused, I fled from Philadelphia.. It was all so overwhelming and was beyond my ability to comprehend, process, and deal with.

Several years after this incident, I watched a movie about a woman who had a similar experience, and it gave me release to have it validated. I recognize my earthly violations and my star seed violations; now I am ready to receive the lesson, the healing, and the releasing. I feel like I was used in both instances as a breeder, as my foremothers were during the period of physical enslavement. I am determined to heal by all means necessary—to release and receive my power tenfold.

During my pussy rebirthing experience, I gave permission for my pussy to speak. I asked my pussy to tell her story. I said, “I am ready. I apologize for waiting so long to release the energy from you.”

After getting the full story of abductions I shared with you above, I did a kinesiology testing and received validation for the abductions. The body testing through kinesiology verified it was not humans who were standing by my bed and conducted experimentation on me as a toddler, finally coming back to have me reproduce for them. It was actually galactic beings.

I was then able to recall how they showed up again when I first started graduate school. Finally, the full picture emerged and I was able to see how they had been checking on me my whole life. I then recalled one being getting in the bed with me when I was a senior in high school. I finally was able to see how these entities had been following my progress throughout my entire life. Whew, it was a trip, and I did not know how to process it in its entirety until my intuition led me to listen to a YouTube audio by Dr. Delbert Blair, who validated my experience when he spoke about alien abductions among Black women and how they were using us to breed for them.

So, when the fullness of my entire life abduction experiences presented itself through having a dialogue with my pussy, I had to keep it moving and allow the truth to set me free. It wasn’t easy to admit, see, and accept—but I had to do it in order to heal from it.

It took a while for me to not think of myself as a victim but as a victor. To get to the victorious mindset, I began thinking that maybe there was some greater plan at work that I agreed to before I came here. I was glad to have people to share my story with and not be rejected. It felt comforting in some way. I felt validated and safe. I thanked my pussy for allowing me to see the truth and be freed from denial and all the anxiety and illness that can come from not accepting the truth.

Initially, I was amazed at my own denial of truth and how I had failed for so long to investigate this beforehand. Why? Because I perceived it would be too painful and strange to share. I feared being rejected for speaking my truth—however different, weird, and out of this world it sounded. But I am sharing it with you despite my fear of rejection or being labeled crazy. It is my truth. I have had to live with it—and now I release it, hoping it will inspire and validate someone else’s story.

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About the Author | Dr. Alannah E-Star

Dr. Alannah K. E-Star is a wholistic health practitioner, activist, author, raw food chef, and pussy care specialist. Her mission is to heal, educate, and empower women to own their pussy stories. She is currently working on the Love Your Pussy Project and is also Founder of Umayat Spiritual Education Circle for Self-Realization and the Women’s Resource Center for Training and Development in Ethiopia.

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