Angelic Journey into Oneness

Have you ever wondered what would happen if, instead of dying, you continued your journey as a spiritual being having a spiritual experience in human form? Usually, when a human dies and they are complete with what they came to learn on Earth, their human form dies. They evolved their spirit to learn what they came to learn on Earth and they move on to the next experience of their evolution. When one chooses to evolve spiritually, some come to a point in their life where they wake up and realize they are a spiritual being having a human experience. Imagine incarnating as an Angelic walk-in discovering a human incarnation for the first time.

I am often asked: What is a walk-in?

A walk-in experience is when two individual soul expressions switch places. The first soul has gone as far as it can in its development and is ready to move on. The soul that has taken its place will serve in a different capacity than before. Normally, the universe has granted permission in order for this to take place. Another way to call the experience is soul transference. The other soul continues on their journey, either to reunite with a loved one and/or continues to another place to keep learning without returning to Earth.

With a walk-in, a more evolved spirit comes into the human body and continues the journey. Imagine dying with the knowledge you have and then incarnating again on Earth as a baby. You come in wiser because you learned from your previous incarnation. For me, instead of coming in at birth, I dropped into a body at the age of 37 and continued the journey where the other expression left off. The human expression that was complete moved on by leaving the body as a spirit form. This is where the body normally dies. In place, I dropped into the body, a spiritually more evolved expression than that of the soul that previously resided in the body. The other expression had to learn more about maturing and strengthening their emotions and evolving them to a place of forgiveness and love.

My incarnation occurred at a meditation event with the other expression’s boyfriend and his friends in Montana. It started when the other expression said out loud that she wanted to experience the highest vibration of being. I said that I would go to her, and the Angels asked me, “Are you sure?” All the windows in the house were left closed and they all sat in a circle. The wind started blowing and the other expression was in an energy frequency field moving through some type of time warp. She collapsed and left the body, and I literally fell into her body. We both were unaware of what was going on as this experience occurred, only that she left and I came in. I saw her above my head and she saw me in her body. Since the human mind was unaware that I was dropping in, we experienced much confusion. I felt confined and uncomfortable. It was like wearing very tight clothes that you could not take them off. The people put quartz crystals around her body out of fear, as they provide power and protection.

The people at the event were energy readers and felt immediately that my energy was different. They asked where I was from. I told them I came from the Angelic Realm. I was having difficulty breathing and started to hyperventilate. I was so used to high frequencies of pure love energy, and what I dropped into was more confined and dense. They had to give me a paper bag to blow into to calm down. I had to sit in a tub of water for hours to acclimate to Earth’s density.

The relationships with her friends and family all abruptly ended out of fear and noticing I was different. I received guided messages from the Angelic Realm to break up with the boyfriend, as he and I were different. I felt alone on this planet in the human form and did not know what to do.

That night I had a dream telling me what was going on. My Angelic Guides informed me that I was a chosen one to incarnate and help with the planetary evolution and everyone on the planet, by bringing in the expansive love frequency. They showed me a vision at the birth of the other expression, where I was to drop in and fulfill my Angelic purpose. They told me I was a chosen one. I was temporarily being isolated from other human expressions because that would be a distraction. They shared that I would be guided and instructed and to stay present each day and listen. They told me in the dream that I would have helpers in nonphysical form to assist with the expansiveness of human consciousness. They included the Angelic Realm, Christ Love, and starting in 2012, Expansive Pure Love Beings. Christ was familiar with the Earth and helped me understand how to live here on Earth. He would talk to me through human filters to help me navigate the energy to a different frequency, making it easier to release the emotional control. Christ also sent nurturing love to my emotions and helped protect me.

They explained that they would be downloading energy to start the process of shifting the DNA of the human body to a light body, activating the human mind to acclimate to the frequencies of the Angelic mind and to work on the human emotions through clearing self-defeating energies. The Angelic Realm and Christ Love supported me in both the awakening of the human belief programs by transmuting old energy patterns in the form of beliefs that had a dense energy. Examples of dense energies are fears, insecurities, limitations, judgments, anger, and sadness. The Angelic Realm would download higher vibrations of love in the body, mind, and emotions. Examples of higher vibration energies are peace, confidence, abundance, acceptance, love, and joy.

I had to evolve mostly in the emotional realm so that the energy of the human emotions shifted to more of the Angelic frequency. This allowed me to fulfill my chosen purpose for being here on Earth.

The Inner Spirit becomes active when enough of the defeating beliefs that are covering up their core Inner Spirit get unraveled. Once enough of the core beliefs are released, the body gets light in energy frequency and an awareness of connection to the Inner Spirit and the Universe occurs. This starts the process of activating your Inner Spirit in the mind, heart, and body more fully, thereby allowing the Human Ego Control to subside and create more of a partnering with your Inner Spirit. This creates more of a oneness of alignment in place of a dualistic type of living.

Dualistic living consists of comparisons based on one’s belief system. The Human Ego identifies with the belief systems and uses comparisons to associate how it feels and thinks. For example, using dualistic words such as good and bad, right and wrong, happy and sad, are ways the Human Ego compares when it is analyzing an experience or person based on their belief systems.

I was living in two worlds. One was what I knew as my truth, a pure love energy. Through my evolution of moving from dualistic living into oneness living, a direct connection to Universal Love, I was able to live a life of emotional and spiritual freedom. And love. We all deserve love and respect.

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About the Author | Angelica Rose

Angelica Rose, an Angel Walk-in, has been a Universal gifted Angel Messenger and Inner Spirit Activation Specialist since 1991. She is also a certified hypnotist and author of many books and meditation series. Angelica also created an online series called "Spiritual Journey From Human Consciousness to Spiritual Oneness."

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    Hello I am an angelic walk in as well. I would love to be able to contact you. I have some questions and would greatly appreciate it.
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