Aphrodite Jewelry

Aphrodite Jewelry was launched in the summer of 2000 in Malibu California. Since the Goddess herself Aphrodite symbolizes beauty and sensuality, Heidi found the name to be very fitting for her jewelry line. Many women have mentioned feeling this way when adorned in Heidi’s one of a kind pieces. It wasn’t until years later Heidi discovered that Aphrodite’s main attribute is a mirror which symbolizes revelation and truth.

A born visionary, Heidi Adams began her artistry at the age of 8. Driven by an endless source of creativity Heidi is inspired by the natural elements of the ocean (think sunken treasure) and the gypsy rock ‘n roll bohemian fashion girl/ woman. Heidi hand selects and makes each piece of material that is incorporated into her handmade designs using only the finest gem stones – creating a look and feel that is vintage inspired and exquisitely elegant. There is a decadent simplicity in Heidi Aphrodite Jewelry bringing out the true beauty, style, sexiness and sophistication in all women.

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