Butterfly by Stephanie D. Smith

My life starts out hairy
not able to take flight
not much to look at
not a pleasant sight…

I patiently and slowly crawl on the ground
listening to the high above sounds
waiting for the day I can take flight
showing my beautiful colors
so vivid
so bright…

When that day comes
I will no longer be the hairy scum
crawling around on the ground
I will be the elegant, beautiful butterfly
that will be able to soar above the crowd…

I will hear the oohs and the ahhs
people pointing at me in delight
why didn’t I get that reaction before I could take flight?…

People will reach out their hand to me
begging me to land
where was that hand, when I couldn’t stand?…

I AM the same hairy scum that was crawling on the ground
the same hairy creator no one wanted to be around
I always had beauty
it was buried within
I was hoping someone could see it
before my transformation began…

I AM … Stephanie D. Smith

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