Chasing Dreams and Learning to Dance Through Divine Storms

In March 2011 whilst on a trip to Los Angeles for Oscars weekend I had a very vivid dream. The dream told me that the next chapter in all areas of my life would be in Los Angeles. It suggested that the life I was living in London was not right for me and did not serve my highest good. I woke up the next morning with a start and even though I didn’t particularly like Los Angeles I knew in my gut that I needed to act upon the message I had received. Over the next 18 months I completely turned my life upside down in order to follow my dream. I left behind friends, family, financial security and an established career in London to move five thousand miles away across the ocean to a city where I knew a grand total of two people. Following my dream turned into my worst nightmare as I found myself falling sick, losing my way professionally and struggling financially. I felt like I had pressed the self-destruct button on a safe and secure life (albeit one that hadn’t felt quite right) and had no one but myself to blame.

But soon I realized that the destruction of my life was divine intervention. In following my
dream I was also chasing my soul’s truth. On this journey inwards I had to be very honest with myself about aspects of my life where I hadn’t been living authentically. The thing with the truth is that it isn’t always pretty and it doesn’t always fit nicely into the life you have been living. Neither does it necessarily sit well with those who knew you and loved you for who you were when you weren’t living truthfully.

With each searing revelation I felt my life plunged into further darkness as the truth swept in like a tornado stripping my life bare of all falsities. Somehow I learned to dance through the divine storm and began to embrace each moment of pain knowing that ultimately it would lead me to my bliss. Yes my faith in myself, in God and the universe was tested but ultimately it was strongly reinforced. The truth set me free and led me to the life I was supposed to be living personally and professionally. Back in London I had my own legal consultancy and regularly appeared on television as a media and legal expert. This allowed me to thrive financially and own my own home but it didn’t allow my creativity or spirituality to flourish. I had started to coach and mentor alongside my business and legal consultancy and it is this work that made my heart sing and I wanted to do more of. I began to volunteer and took more pleasure from the rewards of helping than from the material items I was able to purchase from paid work. Looking back it seems so obvious that my soul was screaming out to allow it to flourish. As I transitioned into my new life in Los Angeles it is coaching and helping people lead better lives as well as voluntary work that I have focused on which has given me the most joy and fulfillment.

There is no doubt that I went through a terrible time in all areas of my life. I was depressed, physically unwell and struggled to survive on many levels. However, now I realize the divine gift I was given, and that my pain had purpose. If I hadn’t been through what I went through there is no way I could help people in the way that I am now. My suffering enabled me to have a freedom that my soul had yearned for. Anyone seeking to live their truth can trigger a divine storm and find their lives hit by a spiritual tornado but I am living proof that one can get through it.

People fear change yet the only constant in life is change. Sometimes pre-empted and sometimes thrust upon us, change can be painful but in it there is great power. In changing my entire life I took great risks, seemingly lost many things yet gained everything. Now as a change agent I successfully coach and mentor my clients to change their lives for the better. We must not fear change but embrace it.


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