Choosing Forgiveness

I noticed the stress embracing me more tightly and the fear getting stronger. Surprised and worried, I could not place this sudden onset of stress, as I was an Emotional Wellness Coach and I work on myself every day. What did I miss? Where was this coming from?

Needless to say, the questions were endless. But what I was experiencing came from recent life challenges that resonated with an old wound that was ready to be fully seen and felt.

I then felt it and in the process learned that what was being asked was my acceptance of poor decisions that had led to my pain. Decisions that I judged very harshly. I chose to forgive these decisions too, as I am worthy of self-love. Through forgiveness, my stress eased and my tense muscles relaxed.

I learned that we forgive only when we are ready to be free. Until then, we fight and hold a grudge toward ourselves and others.

Forgiveness is the balm that heals the wound caused by an action of separation. I believe forgiveness is our gift from God to turn the page in our lives and create a new chapter free from the bruise marks and wrath of our past experience. It is a rebooting of the system to release lost processes running in a loop and taking up system resources.

Forgiveness is the remedy to a broken heart and a wounded soul.

Forgiveness is not for for the weak of heart; it is a gift worthy of the strong one who controls their mind to choose the highest path.

Forgiveness prevents war, death, poverty, loss, abuse, pain, and hopelessness.

Forgiveness tolerates and drops the gauntlet.

Now is the time to see what was not seen before and correct our beliefs so we can start anew, free from the draining energies of the past.

Forgive and let go; this is key for our emotional well-being.

When we can forgive ourselves and others, we can be at peace and see beauty in life’s simple pleasures.

We all deserve peace, and so does the Earth.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Forgiving!

Let’s taste the sweetness of forgiveness. We deserve it.

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About the Author | Maya Vidhyadharan

Maya Vidhyadharan is a student of life and an emotional healer. Her passion is to heal past unmet emotional needs and release limited beliefs, so she can help others to be free, as well.

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