Divine Moves


A novel with a message, Divine Moves is a funny, thought-provoking, and innocent story of Meryl, who discovers that while unexplained forces might seem to work against us, they ultimately serve to help us realize the ways that life always seems to go on regardless of what appears in our way. The author, Ellyn Oaksmith, is a Women For One Truthteller and a friend of our Founder. She resides in Kirkland, Washington and we thank her for the support over the years! For more information and to purchase this book, click HERE.

About the Author | Ellyn Oaksmith

Ellyn Oaksmith is the USA Today–bestselling author of four novels, most recently Chasing Nirvana (November 2017). When she's not writing, Ellyn can be found with her nose in a book, swimming, and baking. She lives in Seattle with her family, a rescue dog, and a polydactyl "Hemingway" cat.

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