Don’t be a Hermit – Reach out for Connection

There are about 7 billion people on this earth. 7 billion stories. Each as important as the one before. 7 billion who feel pain, who laugh, share love. What if we included everyone who has ever lived? How many hundreds of billions of souls have breathed air, felt life? How many stories actually are there? We are not alone, far from it, but all too often, we feel isolated, through our own perceptions – the way we innately distance ourselves from others. I am not talking about the disgraceful actions of those who may ostracize us – I am talking about our own intent.

Every one of us, all the billions and billions, have had moments, or even lived our entire lives, feeling alone, like an outsider. We look at others who have friends and families with envy, admiration, jealousy, want. Yet many of us make ourselves feel remote and separate, which is completely unnecessary. We exclude ourselves. No rejection, no hurt, no emotional baggage, right?

We sit by ourselves in public places. We look down rather than saying ‘Hi’ to complete strangers who walk by. We make ourselves smaller, less open to people and experiences, mainly because of shyness, fears or attributes such as bitterness and disappointment.

Yet we were not made to be alone. We are creatures who gain strength in numbers, pacts and alliances. We shouldn’t be afraid to be alone, and while I believe it’s healthy to spend some time alone, it is in friendship and love we share emotions, laughs, smiles, tears. We connect. We bond. And when we can connect to someone, or even a higher power, on a deep level, it lifts us up higher than we were before. That bond combines energy, life force. It radiates and amplifies us further. We feel lighter, less weighted by our loads we carry.

Reach out, and stop hibernating. Get out of your cave. Find someone who you can share your life with. A family member, a friend, church official or a higher power. One you can talk to, share things with, lean on for support. It may be hard to initiate, but the rewards of having someone in your life are immeasurable.


Dana Prophet



Dana Prophet

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Dana is a frequent Truthteller. She has many inspiring lessons to share with our community and she teaches us what it means to feel strong, feminine, and empowered.

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