A Conversation With the Founder of Dare’ Alla Luce’

Wf1 is excited to present a conversation with a dear friend, Dr. Heidi Zappone. Heidi is the founder of Dare’ Alla Luce’, who’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower patients from both traditional and scientific perspectives about wellness and beauty while providing healthy pure products that nourish the body and bring about radiance from within.

Wf1 is partnering up with Dr. Heidi Zappone to offer the first ever Authentic Wellness Retreat. Our retreat is designed to be a life changing event that gives you the tools to become more present to yourself, to live your joy and to step into your passion for life. This retreat combines the wisdom of science and intuition along with the power of breath, sound and movement to make lasting changes to a peaceful life of joy and passion.

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