Faith: Future

An Englishman who passed away this year previously owned the home we are renting in Austria. You can tell a lot about a person by the things they’ve had or have.

As we roamed through the house, we found bedrooms that were designed just for his grandchildren. Stuffed animals, and other fun things, are in these rooms. He must’ve loved them very much for each speaks of each child’s affections and personalities.

There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of games. This tells me they spent a lot of time playing together. I imagined them laughing, or someone catching the other cheating then game pieces or boards would go flying in the air. I imagined great deep conversations as they concentrated over puzzle pieces. And I imagined him tucking them in for the night with a warm goodnight kiss only a grandparent knows how to give.

One thing I also took notice of was the TV remote control. It is so worn that the little rubber buttons are worn completely down inside of the holes. I literally have to push my fingernail into the hole to change a channel. In his alone time he must’ve watched a lot of TV. Yes, it’s an old remote but a very used remote.

As I look towards our future together, I so very much want to be one who loved deeply and thoughtfully. I so want to see my husband fulfill his life long dream of living here and experiencing everything his heart desires. I want to be sure I am a big part of making sure all his needs are met and that he’s happy and content. I want him to be so blessed by God and honored by people.

Since we’ve arrived in Europe we only have each other. In a situation like this, you love more deeply and are consistent in the care of the other. You plan more carefully and discuss more details. Nothing is taken for granted because your days must be days that are lovely and true.

Sure there are disagreements but at the end of the day you want to lie down together in the evening and exhale a sigh of joy. There’s nothing more beautiful than knowing you’re a huge part of another person’s life…and their future.


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