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Athena and I have been on a journey for the past 6 years creating a business that inspires women to enhance their happiness and self awareness. The journey has been wonderful and has taught me many things about myself as well as others and this world. I have been so blessed in my life and continue to be blessed with growing, learning, experiencing and living. I had wondered on a few occasions whether I was living the life I was meant to. Being a housewife and mother I thought , should I be doing more? I then realized yes and no. Being who I was and being happy about my life is my purpose, yet at the same time I realized I could help others and this world in so many ways. If I can reach out to just one person and make a difference in their life then I am living MY purpose. Being a women’s workshop facilitator, a mother, a friend and a wife, I have so many people that I can reach out to in order to try to make a better life and a better world. Athena and I have met many women in our journey through life and have found that we are all one. We often separate ourselves, especially if we are going through difficult times. It is understandable, but we believe that this is when we should share our stories knowing that we are not the only ones having a certain experience. We have all felt heartache, financial stress (yes millionaires even have money problems, they just may be different than ours), grief, sadness, and depression. At the same time we have all felt joy, happiness, success, love, and peace. We are all the same, all one. It is how we live through each moment that counts.

We stress in our workshops and with women we meet, that it is through self awareness that we can control our emotions, situations, and our lives. Through self awareness we can learn to harness and enjoy self love, inner peace, grow our abundance and enhance our everyday happiness. There are so many tools that both Athena and I have utilized to maintain self awareness. Our goal in life is to always feel a little bit better. We may be overjoyed, and still aspire to feel EVEN better. If we are depressed, hurt, angry, we acknowledge and decide what tool to use to feel EVEN better. Some of the tools we use are reminding ourselves that we are amazing just because we exist (we are all miracles of life), we focus on our breath and create inner peace, we have used EFT, we have shifted our body posture to create confidence, we have meditated, created mind movies and vision boards, listened to personal growth teleseminars, looked in mirrors saying “I love you”, used letting go techniques, and of course reading anything that is uplifting, among other tools. I encourage all of you to utilize whatever tool or technique you can to always feel EVEN better. We all experience hardship but we all have the capability to feel better ALWAYS.

Having been on a journey of becoming more self aware, we have realized that the world needs us in every way. When we feel joy, peace, love, and happiness, our world is affected by it, just as it is affected by negative emotions and feelings. We owe it to each other and this world to always feel EVEN better. We as a group of one, need to realize that we are all energy and all connected. We must for the sake of humankind vibrate at a higher energy. During the course of our journey we are already seeing that the planet is changing, the people are changing, WE ARE vibrating higher and we must continue to share this information and touch as many people as possible. Even though Athena and I chose to share ourselves with women, we acknowledge that men need this just as much. It is our philosophy that a woman can make that difference in a man’s life whether he realizes it or not. So as women for one, we expand the world as one. When we contribute in positive ways to the world we always feel EVEN better. So go contribute the way you know best and always stay aware of you, which is being aware of US!


With Much Love,
Aimee DuRee
Women Empowering



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