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Women have known one truth since the beginning of time: in order to be the best version of yourself, having the right co-pilots on the journey is crucial. Being surrounded by supportive, encouraging women is something that every single one of us craves, and for good reason.

In this webinar we discussed how to cultivate key practices for finding your power and forming your most fabulous tribe of soul sisters in 2016!

Why do we need this conversation?

Women’s natural thirst for community, connection, and great relationships is part of the glue that makes for lasting social bonds. We spend lots of time and energy creating relationships, people, and places that we can take refuge in—and not only does this nourish us in our own individual lives, but it makes for thriving communities. In other words, we know in our bones that “every woman for herself” just isn’t going to cut it. We know that our friendships and the people in our tribe, especially other women, are so important when it comes to living into our highest potential.

It’s easy to forget just how important it is to be surrounded by people who have our backs and offer us a clear reflection of our greatness.

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Together, Kelly and Cara walk you through the steps to creating an inspirational tribe of real women who are committed to making life happen!

This webinar will not only help you identify the key elements in forming stronger relationships with the women in your life—it’ll also give you the tools you need to:
+ Identify exactly what you want and need from the women in your tribe.
+ Say goodbye to toxic connections.
+ Invite in mutually empowering new relationships that nurture and support you.
+ Sustain those relationships so that you can create a strong, unshakeable community of women.

Find Your Tribe Meditation by Cara Bradley
+ True Essence Quiz by Anahita Joon

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