From Victim to Victory

For years, I have struggled with love and acceptance from people in my life. I was sexually abused by three male family members and have lived in two orphanages.

I’ve been married three times, and each ended in divorce. I was married the first time at the age of 16, thinking and believing I would be married for the rest of my life. Six years later, I was divorced by my husband after he had an affair. My second marriage lasted 17 years, and was filled with alcohol and drugs and mental and physical abuse. After 17 years and two children later, I divorced him. Two years later, my third marriage ended due to lack of physical and mental attention.

For years, I have felt ugly and unworthy of a man. Through it all, I realized that, with God, I didn’t need a man. I needed Jesus. He was the dream man I always wanted. He never hurt me or used me or abused me. He never left my side when I wanted to die.

For anyone struggling with this issue, my advice is to go to God. He is all you will ever need to fill that void.

And as for feeling ugly, that was my issue. I let man determine my beauty and worth, and not God. I still struggle day by day, but I also know I can go to my god to fulfill my life. I am a beautiful and strong woman of God.

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