Get off Your High Horse and Walk

Slade Suiter is an author, a radio show host and a beautiful human being aligned with the principles of Women For One. His commitment to the themes of truth and authenticity is evident in his latest book, Get off Your High Horse and Walk, Rediscovering Authenticity in a New Way.

Slade was born in Omaha, Nebraska and has a liberal arts education from the of University Nebraska at Omaha, and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He graduated from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul Minnesota, with a degree in Speech Communication and Philosophy. Slade also attended St. John Vianney seminary and School of Divinity in St. Paul Minnesota. He is a CTI (Coaching Training Institute) trained leader and co-active life coach.  He has ongoing studies in Conflictology at UOC (University Open of Catalonia) Spain.

Slade has traveled to Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle-East, North and South America giving workshops and seminars and has a passion sitting down and listening to people’s stories. He lives in Barcelona Spain where he has dedicated himself to writing, providing workshops and broadcasting on an International Radio Talk Show on Authenticity Radio. For more information and to purchase this book, click HERE.



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