Good Morning Sunshine

“Good Morning, Sunshine.” That was the title to an email I received recently from a soul friend. I didn’t even need to read anymore – I got what I needed, and that was a dose of endearing love.

Endearments have always drawn me in. I love nicknames and kind twists to my name. I have many endearing terms for my friends, and I’m sure I have irritated those who do not buy into the “Honeys” and the “Sweeties” of the world. I don’t care. I consider it a gift of insight when I first meet someone and they quickly shorten my name to the half mark. These kindnesses show we’ve hit a comfort level and we have cut the crap. They show we are past the surface part of new meetings, and we are being gentle.

My dearest friends know I may pop out their first, middle and maiden name because it takes us back to eighth grade when we first met and life was so innocent and easy. It reminds us of times before we became mothers and wives and had these big lists to accomplish every day.

I still hold close to my heart the several names my father called me: “Scarecrow,” “Honey,” “Sissy,” “Brat” and many more that meant he loved me and was using nicknames to give me a dose of strong girl energy. When I became a mother, he started calling me “Pretty Momma.” What could be better from the first man who ever loved me?

When I fell in love, it was instant to have an endearing name for him, and him for me. When my children were born, the names all turned into love sentences because I was sure I had somehow been blessed with the most amazing children alive. To this day my girls hear our loving names and say, “You guys make us sick.” I’m proud of that.

Endearments and nicknames are not for everybody, but I value them. They soften conversations and inject the kindness and safety I like in my relationships. I come from a family that has a long-standing reputation for what my daughters call “deepies,” deep intimate conversations. This is not just a girl trait in my tribe; my brothers all love a good long revealing-of-your-soul conversation as well. I know not everybody is interested in using their words at this level, and I get that. The world would be a big mushy hot mess if we all did it.

But I say, a little of this endearment in our vocabulary can’t hurt. Human beings want to feel loved and be known. I don’t care what kind of shell you are wearing; deep down, being heard and valued is a love high like no other. I say, offer the gift once in a while to those close to you. Add an endearment and see where that may take you.

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  • Angie

    Thanks Cous, Traci, Sweeti, miss our talks, but you are always close to my heart and thoughts. Luv ya’ll.